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4장 : 낯선 사람

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4장 : 낯선 사람

( Chapter 4 : Mr.Stranger )




Chanmi's P.O.V.

As he still kept holding my hand and pulled me to God knows where,I couldn't help but steal glances at him. What was I even thinking following a stranger? What if does something to me?

All kinds of thoughts polluted my mind and made me feel nervous. Mr Stranger, on the other hand, looked calm and deep in thoughts as we continued walking. After noticing that I was literally staring at him, I diverted my eyes elsewhere ,looking around to get an idea to where we were going.

In a couple of minutes,we arrived to what seemed a river, probably the Han River I had heard so much about back in school. It was already night so the water glistened under the moonlight. He let go of my hand as I approached slowly to it. The view was breathtaking,the sky was full of bright stars and the city was glowing by Seoul's lights.

Since I had been staring for quite a while, I failed to realize the warm, tickling sensation on my skin,next to my ear.It caused me to hold my breath.

"I see you like it..." The voice softly whispered. I turned around to face him only to find him moving to my left side, leaning on the gates and staring at the water intensely as if he had memories from this place.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked as he continued staring deeply into the city's lights.

"I don't know,just thought of not coming alone here for once." He smiled briefly and placed his hands on his hoodie's pockets.I just nodded my head without questioning him anymore. "Now it's my turn to ask."

He turned to me and stared at me once again with those beautiful brown eyes....Wait..what? Beautiful eyes?! Get yourself together Chanmi! You don't even know this boy!!

"How did you end up in a neighborhood like that?" He raised an eyebrow waiting for my answer.I looked down not being able to give a reasonable answer.

"I don't know..." I answered honestly and looked at the river again. He looked at the view one last time before we decided to go back. He kept walking as I followed him behind quietly...well that's until he suddenly stopped, making me hit my face on his back.I massaged my nose that was in pain.

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