See You Again (Ezio x Reader)

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The sound of cannon fire rung in your ears and woke you from your comfortable dream. You panicked a little on the inside, the inner assassin in you immediately wanting to know why the cannons were going off in the early hours of the morning. When Ezio arrived yesterday, he had told you before you retired to your home that they would be practicing early at the crack of dawn. You relaxed slightly upon remembering him telling you that, and you laid back down from your sitting position in your bed. The firing stopped and you sighed and rolled over to go back to your peaceful sleep.

But, then it started again and a cannonball hit right outside your house, making it feel like an earthquake. Your eyes snapped open and you jumped up, your nightgown quickly being discarded and you rushed to put on your assassin robes. Your mind raced a million miles a minute, this certainly wasn't training. You knew the "doomsday protocol" as Mario called it, which was to find Ezio and Mario, and check with them first to see what they would need help with. If they didn't need anything at the particular moment, you job was to see the innocent people safe and get them outside the walls.

Tightening your belts around your hips and trying not to panic and keep your cool, you felt no need to wear your hood and you ran down your stairs and whipped open the heavy wooden door. Another ball hit close to you, and you gasped and shielded your face with your arm as it exploded into the ground with force. You tried to inhale some form of clean air since it was all smoke, already seeing the death, destruction and chaos around you. Debris and the roofs of buildings lay all around you, a thick layer of smoke lingering in the air made it a little hard to breathe. And the smell of gunpowder made you scrunch up your nose in disgust.

Trying to calm yourself down and take a deep breath, you immediately headed for the Villa Auditore in search of Ezio and Mario. Trying to avoid being hit by cannonballs, you ran with all your might even though your legs were pretty much used to running from your years of being an assassin. Dodging the frantic people running past you, you made it to the crumpled stairs of the Villa. You exhaled quickly, and hauled yourself up the curved stairs towards the Villa.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, you stopped when you heard the whistle of an incoming cannonball. You turned around, only to see the cannonball wasn't heading towards you, but towards the top floor of the Villa. You remembered that was where Ezio's room was located, and your hand flew up to your mouth as you saw the giant ball hurdle at the Villa and slam into the glass of the window.

"Ezio!" You screamed, and tears sprung to your eyes as you saw no movement coming from the window. 'Ezio would want you to fight, to keep going. You need to find Mario' you told yourself, and wiped your face and composed yourself. A hand placed itself onto your shoulder, and you saw Mario with his sword in hand.

"Y/N, you need to get the townspeople out as quickly as possible!" He yelled over all the commotion of the fighting around you, before looking over your frantic face. You thought you were hiding your panicked feelings pretty well, but Mario always could see straight through you. Before you could explain yourself, a loud thump of a body landing next to you made you unsheathe your hidden blades and jump slightly. Mario apparently knew who it was and had been expecting him to show up, and bent down to help him up. You gasped as Ezio was standing before you, perfectly fine and alive.

He only wore a white undershirt, the armor of Altaïr must have been destroyed by the cannonball. He looked a little funny to you, you had always saw him with his robes, armor, and weapons. Seeing him so exposed made you a little nervous, since you were both about to go defend Monteriggioni from the never ending Borgia men.

You wrapped your arms around his neck while standing on your tippy toes to match his height, and you must have caught him off guard since he stumbled back a bit before quickly recovering and wrapping his strong arms around your slightly shaking frame. "I thought I lost you." You mumbled into his white undershirt, inhaling the scent of vanilla with a twinge of gunpowder that always seemed to cling to him and he chuckled before placing a kiss on top of your head. "I'm tougher than that, mi amore." He told you, and you momentarily blushed at his nickname for you.

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