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Welcome to Westerburg! The happiest town in Sherwood, Ohio! Well, not really, there's a highschool that all the kids are arseholes in. Fun.

Veronica Sawyer was one of the only people who cared about her grades, and The Heathers™ would always get her to forge passes or notes, and she'd never refuse. Luckily they weren't going after Martha Dunnstock, her best friend.

Currently the brunette was jotting down notes for an upcoming test, until she felt a hand slam down on her desk, hard. She knew who it was, and gave a heavy, defeated sigh. She looked up to see the familiar girl.

Heather Chandler, accompanied by Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara, "Ronnie." Chandler greeted with an impatient tone as said girl leaned back in her chair, "Heathers™." She snarkily replied, noticing the confusion on Mac's face, "Guys? What does "™" mean?" She asked, clearly confused, "Shut up, Heather." Chandler snapped.

"Anyway, we need you to forge a letter in Kurt Kelly's handwriting," Chandler grinned, setting off a lot of alarms in Veronica's head, but she obliged anyway and wrote down what Chandler wanted. When she finished, Chandler snatched off of the brunette and the three popular girls strolled away, as Mac quickly placed it on... Jason Dean's desk? The brunette confusedly glanced at him, as he read the letter.

She remembered what she wrote clearly already, 'Yeah-lo, J.D, dude! It's Kurt Kelly here, and I gotta say you'd be perfect for the rugby team! Come see me behind the bleachers at lunch!' Was all she wrote, but J.D seemed to believe it, even though she really thought he wouldn't like sports, but shrugged it off anyway. Can't judge a book by its cover, right? Right. But J.D's face lit up in his dark attire as he glanced at the clock.

Half an hour.

Veronica decided to sit next to him, trying to find a way to tell him what her idiot self did, "Hey, Jason Dean, I'm Veronica Sawyer, nice to meet you!" She stuck her hand out, and the dark-haired boy gladly returned it, a small smile crossing his features, "You can just call me J.D." He chuckled.

Veronica felt her heart speed up. What was this feeling? She knew exactly, she juat didn't want to feel it, but she felt her cheeks heat up, "'Kay, J.D.." She replied, slightly nervous, "What's wrong, Veronica?" He asked, concerned. Wow, new kid cared after two minutes, fascinating! Okay, Ronnie, your inner geek is showing...more.

"Well, you know that note?" She pointed to the sloppily forged note from earlier, "I uh, wrote it.. The Heathers™ made me write it.." She meekly said, as J.D didn't show a hint of anger, "Wow, you have talent to be able to write like this." He commented, taking a note of the girl's blush.

And then, their conversation and friendship blossomed.


It had been a few weeks since the two had met, and Veronica's crushing had only increased, and now she was hiding in the bathroom from an angry Heather Chandler. She refused to write a note for the demon, and now she's scared for her life, as she cowered in the corner.

Of course the bathroom door slammed, and three pairs of heels clicked across the tiles, "This is the only place she hasn't been!" Chandler exclaimed with a snarl, as Veronica shuffled into an almost invisible ball, "Why do you even care about the nerd, Heather? Like I-" Duke started, but of course was cut off by a, "Shut up, Heather! Both of you keep looking! I need to find her and make sure she never disobeys me again!" Chandler ranted, annoyed, crossing her arms, as Mac and Duke searched the bathroom, not even near the brunette they were looking for.

Veronica didn't dare to breath, then Ms. Flemming walked in, and soon four pairs of footsteps followed by one pair slipping in echoed throughout the small room. A pale hand tapped Veronica's shoulder then helped her up. J.D. Was in the girl's bathroom.

"J.D? This is the girl's bathroom.." Veronica stated, raising a brow, "I know, princess, I just couldn't let those three hurt you... c'mon, let's go grab a slushie." The brunette blushed at the nickname, but nodded and the two left the room where Duke's bulimic habits took place.


7/11, the place where Veronica had always come to for plain Corn Nuts, once running into Chandler and they ended up having a conversation on why the BBQ Corn Nuts were the best. The brunette giggled at J.D's jokes, before feeling absolutely sorry for the boy as he talked about his deceased mother.

Without thinking, Veronica leaned in and kissed him when he had a slushie out of his mouth, and her eyes widened when he sank back into the kiss.

Man, this is gonna be a great relationship.

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