stay with me ' ch.1

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He crumpled another piece of paper. Attempting to fire at the wastebin beside the narrow desk he was seated at, Luke failed to dispose of his waste. Also known as his rewritten song lyrics and notes he'd been working on for the past few hours. Luke groaned and rested his face in the palms of his hands. The rest of his bandmates were expecting him to conduct a new song for their upcoming album. It was his only chance to impress everyone, he just hadn't thought of what the theme of the piece would be. Ideas were flowing through his head, but none of them were just right.

While trying to brainstorm for ideas, the door to Luke's dressing room opened with a small creak, which startled him and caused him to jump a bit. His room was pitch black, only being lit with a small desk lamp to help him see.

"Shit, sorry Luke. I didn't mean to scare you buddy." A voice whispered while entering the room. Luke recognized the voice, knowing it was Michael's.

"No, it's fine." Luke replied, his eyes adjusting to the bright light impending from the door. "What do you need?" He asked.

"Oh, well, Ashton, Calum, and I wanted to rehearse before we head up on stage. We thought it would be a good idea to get you out of your dressing room and join society." Michael said. Luke chuckled and stood up from his chair, walking towards Michael.

"Fine, fine. I'll be a member of the real world for a few hours." He joked. Michael smiled and lead Luke out of his dressing room into the hallway. They started walking to the stage entrance, which was quite a distance from the rooms.

"So, Luke," Michael started his question. Luke hummed in response, potraying to Michael he was awaiting his question. "How's the song coming along?" Michael asked.

"Uh-er, well, uh, you see, Mikey..." Luke laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Michael gave him a look of annoyance.

"You haven't even started writing it, have you not Luke?" Michael groaned. Luke looked down at the tile floor and sighed, shaking his head. "I couldn't think of any ideas or any topics it should be about."

"I don't care if you write it about unicorns making love to alpacas, just make one fast! The album release is in four months, four months. We need you to write it so we can actually record and produce it." Michael explained. Luke understood Michael's task, but he coudn't figure out how to complete it. It was more pressure now that time was running out.

"Time's ticking, Luke. You better think of an idea fast." Michael sighed. Luke nodded. "I know." He whispered.

When they reached the stage entrance, Luke gulped and Michael gave him a pat on his shoulder.

"Everything will be fine, okay? It's just a littlle song, nothing to panick about." Michael smiled a little and opened the doors while yelling Green Day lyrics at the top of his lungs. Ashton laughed while occupying his drum set and Calum shook his head while tuning his bass. Luke sighed shakily and took a deep breath. The only thing he's worrying about is the fans approval for their songs.

What if they hate it? They wouldn't do that to them. Their fans are incredibly loyal to the band and they would do anything for them. Luke smiled at the thought of his fans and walked up the stage steps to retireve his guitar. Calum high-fived him and grinned.

"We've got over five-thousand girls to entertain in a few hours. So c'mon, let's get to practicing." Calum suggested, still grinning. Luke nodded and started tuning his own instrument. The empty arena was filled with the sounds of their music and soon girls started filling in the seats. Most of the fans would be there to see One Direction, since 5 Seconds of Summer was the opening act for their tour.

Before the concert officially began, Michael walked up to Luke while he was fixing his ear piece. "I have an idea on what you should write your song about." He said. Luke perked up and waited for Michael to reveal his idea.

"You shoulld write about someone, or an experience you've had in the past. A memory of some sort." Michael suggested. Luke smiled and nodded.

"What would I do without you, Michael." Luke sighed and laughed. Michael winked at him which caused Luke to be in a fit of giggles. They got the 5-minute warning in their earpieces and started to walk on the stage. They adjusted their instruments and clothing. When the stage started rising, Luke closed his eyes and faced his head to the floor.

The stage lights lightened up the arena, and fans started screaming. Michael glanced at Calum and smiled. Luke was front and center stage, so he was the lead. The spotlights faced him and he finally looked up, opening his eyes. He took in everything. The fans' eyes sparkling with happiness and excitement, the runway stage lights facing the night sky, and the cheers and screams from each and every girl and boy. He smiled and took the microphone.

"For those of you who don't know us," Luke started. "Hi, we're Five Seconds of Summer."

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