18- No Broken Hearts

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🎶 No broken hearts in the club
No tears in the club
cause we gon' get it
popping tonight 🎶

Friday is finally here and Meredith has been smiling like a clown all day. Especially since she has been anticipating seeing me in a gown.

She's dropping me off at home, since I walked to school today.


And she already has her agenda for the night.

"Then we're gonna drink, and dance and flirt" wiggling her brows at me when saying the last part.

"eww, I don't drink" I had to make that clear.

Then she fake gasped and placed a hand over her heart.

"You mean to say sixteen years on earth has been a waste?"

hmm, she sure can act.

"You're exaggerating" I rolled my eyes at her.

"The god of tequila would be so pissed with you. hmmmph"

honestly, now she's faking anger? someone get me a Grammy.

wait!? what in the world is tequila?

"what's a tequila?" I asked her with a cocked brow. really, what is it? never heard of that before.

More dramatic gasps from her and she placed the back of her hand over her forehead.

"Am I still alive? Grandpa is that you?" she said in a weak voice.

"err- are you okay?" I shook her shoulder. You can never tell. She could really be dying.

"You just touched me! that means I'm alive. And I'm alive on a planet in which someone is asking me what is a tequila."

can someone come and shoot me right now? I think I just committed a taboo by not knowing what a err- terila is?

What a way to prove I belong to the weirdos carnival.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have- ouch" I'm honestly trying to apologize and she just smacked my arm.

"Don't you ever apologize to me, ever again. Got that?" glaring at me I nodded.

" Great now where was I?" I placed my full focus on her. maybe I could learn a thing or two.

Placing her left hand on her chin to think and her right hand controlling the steering wheel, she finally remembered.

"Alright, a tequila is- why is there a sexy soul on your lawn?"

I didn't understand a dime of what she just said.

If someone made a bet on my confusion at this point they'll possibly become millionaires.

"uhm-" no words, really nothing to tell her that she just made absolutely no sense.

But she grabbed my face and made me look forward. It was only then I realized I had gotten home.

Soon enough, I spotted her confusion.

The familiar Red Audi was parked right in front of my house and an effortlessly sexy looking Clement was leaning against the car, with his attention on the phone he was pressing.

With a navy green short sleeve top and black skinny jeans, to say he looked hot was an understatement. A few strands of hair draping on his face glistening in the sun like golden strings. The muscles of his lean body on perfect display like a carved out magazine novel, he-

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