17- Somebody

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🎶 The only thing
     that I can't afford
      is to lose myself
     trying to be somebody,
      Somebody 🎶

       After a visit to the nurse, I left with just a little cast on my wrist. Heading down the hallway out to the school entrance with Meredith walking by my side. There is a really heavy silence between us and I know she wants to say something, but I on the other hand isn't in the mood to speak.

   As we stepped outside the building, our faces were grazed by the cool wind blowing around.


i knew she was going to start something.

"Are you gonna tell me what happened? or are we gonna pretend like you aren't hurt?" Meredith asked but not moving her gaze from scanning the parking lot.

And can you guess my reply?

oh yes, i didn't answer.

"Iris? did you hear me? or are you just blocking me out?" she asked again now turning to me.

   I raised my head to look at her and I saw her eyes filled with concern. She is really bothered about me, but even if I do tell her what exactly can she do?

"please talk to me"

  If she keeps talking like this I'm gonna cry for sure.

   She let out a loud sigh that blew out of her mouth like a puff of cloud.

yeah.. that cold!

"I know we just met, and you can't really trust me, but you don't really expect me to behave like I don't care when I do, do you?" wearing a saddened expression she voiced out her mind. I guess I'm really hurting people here aren't I.

But what if I tell her and she considers me weak and walk away?

  That thought alone was enough to make me feel inferior and tear my view away from her to the floor.

"no matter what you tell me, I won't judge you" she laid her hand on my shoulder and I think that was what gave me the courage to speak up.

"you promise?" I whispered.

"I promise"

   After a life long sigh, I still stared downwards and began speaking.

"it's Hunter" I think the way I whispered this, is below human hearing level.

"Hunter? again?, does he bully you?" she's talking like she's trying to get information from an emotionally abused kid.

   Well, to answer her question didn't need words because I think she could tell from my silence.

"why haven't you said anything about it?" she continued asking

"I have, but no one did anything" no one at all.


I nodded.


nodded again.


more nodding.


   That word was the knife to cut the last string of strength I had to stop me from crying, but now I couldn't help it.

    Thinking of my parents in this case, I feel they are by far the worst betrayal I could have ever received. Choosing money over me was the proof of the kind of love they had for me.

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