Accidents (Shay x Reader)

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You were a complete idiot.

Being a Templar like Shay, he had asked you to go on a mission with him that had something to do with the Precursor Box and Manuscript in the North Atlantic. You and Shay hadn't been friends for very long, Haytham had actually introduced you two when he switched from being an Assassin to a Templar.

You were a little nervous around him, still not accustomed to having a former assassin around. You had bet that he was a spy, sent by Achilles to get information on Haytham and the Templars. But after he joined, you and Shay became close and he calmed your nervous thoughts about him being a spy. You talked all the time and got to know the real him, and he told you about Lisbon and how he could never let someone like Achilles have that much power over the world. You always knew Achilles was a little batty, but you never would have guessed he would sacrifice millions of people's lives for a precursor artifact.

Your parents had been assassins, raising you in the ways of their creed and training you in stealth and combat both. But after their deaths, you were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They had been killed by their own people, and you spend months trying to understand why the assassins turned on them. Haytham had eventually saw your potential, and made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

Since then, your skills have improved greatly under the watchful eye of Haytham Kenway. He trained you to become better, faster, stronger. You were almost unstoppable, and people started calling you "The Ombra." (A/N: put it in google translate y'all)

Coming back to the present, you had neglected to inform the crew of the Morrigan that you actually couldn't swim. Shay was at the helm, maneuvering the ship around rocks and small islands. Still a few hours out from your destination, you sighed and adjusted yourself on the wooden barrel you were sitting on. It was a bit uncomfortable, but you managed, even though you kept trying to adjust yourself to find a comfortable position. You loved to be up on deck, the icy wind blowing through your hair and the Templar robes keeping you warm.

Finally deciding to just get up, you did exactly that and walked over to the opposite side of the Morrigan. Your hands were placed on the wood railing, and you looked out into the vast ocean. 'That water has to be freezing cold,' you thought, thinking about what would happen if you fell into the water.

Taking a bit of a risk, you stepped up onto the side and tightly gripped the rope ladder that led up to the foremast. It was a little bit more windy, and without a hood, your ears and cheeks became a little red at the drop in temperature. You had never stood on the side, Shay had always said it was dangerous but you didn't really care at the moment. Eh, he would get over it.

The view was gorgeous. The ocean was different shades of blue, the sun shining off the surface made it look like the ocean was winking at you. Small islands and big rocks covered in snow and ice were scattered across the landscape, and you could have swore you were looking at a painting instead of the North Atlantic.

Shay saw what you were doing, and was a little nervous about you standing up on the side, and took the opportunity and admired you from afar. He had to give himself a big pep talk to even ask you on this mission in the first place. He came to the conclusion that you were his best friend, and that you wouldn't mind coming with him at all. And you didn't, and Shay was grateful for that.

"Gist, take the wheel." Shay muttered to his always ecstatic friend, before pulling his robes a little bit closer to him to keep out the cold and walked down the stairs. Gist proudly accepted with a wide smile and took the wheel. You heard Shay's footsteps from behind you, and smiled down at him as he approached you. "How's the view?" He asked, and you returned your gaze to the wide open ocean before you. "Absolutely breathtaking." You told him, your eyes sparkling with adoration since you always had a thing for nature.

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