13 - Silence 2

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🎶 I've found peace in your violence
     can show me there's no point
     in trying, I'm that one
     and I've been silent for so long 🎶

     It's Saturday, and its my shift at Tucker's. Six to Ten PM is just the best time at this place. Aside from the steady and slightly crowded nature of this building, every other thing seems cool.

   The first two hours of the shift I'm behind the counter, the last two am waiting tables.

   I was by the counter, making sums of our profit so far, when I heard a voice I was too familiar with.

"And she works, tell me one more reason why I can't like you again?" Clement spoke while taking a seat directly in front of me.

   I on the other hand resembled the old red karaoke machine at the left corner.

"Iris?" calling me out of my red engrossed face.


"you're red again" then he smiled at me.

"you mustn't point that out all the time you know" Wow. I've finally gotten a brave voice.

" Why? you look cute when you blush" he pouted at me.

And I turned redder.

"err- what-t would you like to eat?" I asked him holding the jotting paper and pen in my hand whilst staring at my feet.

   A few seconds of silence and he hasn't said anything, I was beginning to wonder if he got angry because I cut his conversation short.

   I lifted my head to view him and he didn't look the slightest offended. In fact he looked... Sly??

" I think I'll eat you, am I permitted?" he finally spoke up while leaning on the counter with his elbows.

  Are we back to this eating conversation again? I thought it was established that we aren't carnivorous?

"I'm sorry to ask but, are you carnivorous?" Forgive me for prying but I had to confirm with whom I'm dealing with.

   And then he did the expected.

He laughed.

And laughed.

And kept on laughing.

So he is!

" How is it possible that you're in the 21st century, and believe eating humans is for animals?" he managed to blurt out in the middle of laughter.

"aye... don't corrupt me lad here" Tucker walked up to us and plastered a fake glare at Clement.

How do I know it's fake?

Well because it's the same look he gives to me when he pretends to be angry that I'm working overtime.

   Clement raised his two hands in surrender, still laughing he said

" She's damn to innocent, Tuck's"

"Tuck's?" I questioned the nickname I just heard from Clement. That's the first time someone's ever called Tucker that.

"Yeah, Ol' Clement here used to be a kid who came to play down at my ranch in Tennessee" Tucker explained.

"Tennessee?? you lived in Tennessee?" more questions, I know. I'm inquisitive.

"Yeah, I do go down home sometimes but of recent I don't bother. Clement was my neighbor" Tucker continued

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