12 - Cold

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🎶 I don't understand why
      you're so cold to me with
       every breath you breathe 🎶

       Class went ahead as usual, people snickering and laughing at me when they deemed it time, others ogling and giggling at Hunter, the teacher giving us work to do then dozing off.

      The only thing odd about this class was Meredith tried making conversations with me, but I ended up responding with only nods or smiles that look like grimaces.

     It's really awkward to have someone try to talk to you, when all you've been used to is being insulted or hit.

      I know am putting her in a really tight position right now because the smile she had on her face is faltering and turning more into an annoyed expression.

   I kept my gaze down to finish the work given to us when she slipped a paper unto my table.

  I bent my head to peep at her in front of me but she kept on looking ahead like she didn't just give me something.

     I picked it up and opened it to view whatever message it contained. Unsurprisingly, she wrote down something.

   I know the guy in black tripped you, plus I also saw him step on your hand.
why did you deny that when I asked you?, we could have easily reported you know?

  Ha! report. It even sounds more hilarious when someone else says it.

  Tell me something I haven't tried and I owe you my ramen tonight. I picked up my pen and in little annoyance, I scribbled a reply back to her.

that isn't necessary, I can handle it. don't worry about him.

    And I sent the letter back to her by tapping on her shoulder.

  She only stretched out an arm and collected the paper. After a few seconds she slid it back to me and I read it again.

okay, but is it usually like this around here? all the maltreatment and stuff?

    Is it? no it isn't it's just to a certain someone that is sitting directly behind you.

No it's not. It just happens to some people around here.

   And I gave her the little letter back, that was how our conversation began back and forth.

Some people?? what did they do? what did you do?

Apparently, nothing. they just find it fun you know. It's no big deal.

they just find it fun? do you mean they actually bully people around here? does he bully you?


Is that the reason you don't want to be seen with me? because you're being bullied and afraid you'll taint my image??

    I can't reply that cause she is correct. And she has finally figured out I'm incapable of helping myself.

   The bell went off with students scrambling out of the class and she turned to glare at me.

" They bully you!?" she almost shouted and I'm shocked that the entire class didn't whip around to detect the source of the scream.

"shhh... keep it down" I cooed and silently searched to be sure Hunter was no longer in the vicinity.

"answer me!"


"uhm... because you're my friend and if they hurt you it isn't nice"

  This friend word again?

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