10 - Earth to move

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🎶 stuck inside my head
      like a song you can't forget 🎶

     I walked up to my doorstep and rang the bell, after a few seconds of waiting, rattling keys was heard from the other side and the door was opened by the woman who gave birth to me.

   At that point Clement now started his engine and drove off while my mom stared at his moving vehicle.

" Where were you? and who was that?" she asked while standing with her hands on her hips and preventing me from going in.

" I don't know, plus it's cold outside and I'm freezing " I said and pushed passed her.

" Oh sorry about that" she said

" No need" and I began heading to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water but heard footsteps walk in.

  After clearing her throat she spoke up "ehm.. did you enjoy your evening?"

I didn't reply, I just reached up to the cabinet and brought out a glass cup.

" Who is he?" she asked again.

Is this woman that blind to see that I don't want this conversation?

" Is he your boyfriend?"

Okay that is the last straw.

" Why do you bother?" I crossed my arms over my chest and awaited her response.

"you're my child, the only one at that. If course I have to bother who she is spending her nights with"

" Really? I didn't realize" and I walked away towards the refrigerator to get a jug of water.

" So..? answer me!" she sounded on the verge of yelling, but who do I care. I ain't giving a reply. simple.

  Pouring a glass of water for myself I returned the jug and went up to my room. She just stood there dumbfoundedly and watched me pass.

Good for you.

   I threw myself on my bed and reminisced on my day. Not as bad as usual.

  And the best part is, I made a friend. A real human and not a figment of my imagination.

   I couldn't just get that thought out of my head. And he even believes in pinky swears.

   That thought made me smile but my thinking was cut short by the ringing of my cellphone.

   I peeped at the caller and saw it was none other than my far away friend.

"hello?" I called in

"hey girl, how was your day? tell me all about it"

   She sounded a lot more enthusiastic than usual which just got me a little scared.

"err, are you at home?" I needed to be sure of her stability.

" Of course, in bed now. Any problem?"

" No, none at all, so about my day" and I told her everything. down to the pinky swears that still got me blushing a little.

"hmm, seems interesting to me" she said and I can imagine her googly dreamy eyes staring intently at me.

" It was" I was smiling but then a thought came to me and I stopped.      

"Megan do you think I should trust him?"

" Trust who? hotty hero?" she questioned.

I gave a light laugh, mehn I've been laughing a lot today.

"yeah, hotty hero, do you think I should?"

   There was a short silence that means she was thinking.

What if she says no, she's the outspoken one, she probably knows the characters of every personality in the world.

" Do you want to trust him?"

"huh?" was she asking me that? she's invariably asking me my question.

"Iris, trusting someone is based on two things, your heart and your instincts. And to which I'm none, so you trusting him depends solely on you"

"but I need your advice" I really need it more than she can tell.

" I could end up saying no and you still go ahead to trust him, I can also say yes and you still avoid him. My thoughts do not count, it's yours"

  My thoughts? since when do my thoughts matter?

"please" I was begging because i don't wanna make a choice I would regret and hate myself the more.

"Okay, let's analyze the pro's and con's. while you were with him were you happy?"

  Aside from the times I thought he wanted to be rid if me yeah.


"Did he make you sad?"

"his actions kinda did but he made up for it" remembering the way he gripped the steering wheel.

"But are you holding them against him?" Jeez when did she become so smart?

"No, no I'm not" shaking my head even though I know fully well she can't see me.

" Lastly, do you wanna see him again? don't forget your pinky swear" and we both laughed at that.

He really is someone not worth forgetting. I think I'll take that risk.

"Yeah, I wanna see him again." and I was smiling.

" So, there's your answer. Go for it babe"

"Thanks a lot, I owe you one" I told her and she blew one of her kisses into the phone.

"I know, I'm amazing"

  Her statement reminded me of Clement's words and I caught myself smiling again.

" What have you been up to?" it's my turn to ask.

"hmm... my mom's planning to get married again"

Then there was silence. I suck at this.

" Are you okay with it?" something finally popped into my head and I said it.

" No, not really. I mean it's a guy she met in one of her travels and got engaged before coming home. Plus the man is a widower and he has a son, so I have a brother and a dad I'm yet to set eyes on. no biggie" I'm sure she shrugged at this statement.

" They're not your brother or father yet, i mean your mom isn't married to them yet"

" Yeah, but she would soon be. So the earlier I accept the better "

" I know your mom though, she's been single for quite some time now since your dad left. It's really been five years, I'm sure she wouldn't get the wrong family"

      I tried to sound encouraging, because since her dad walked out of their family, her mother has been the best. Picking up on foreign trading that has her travelling round the world and meeting dozens of people but falling in love once is something to let have a try.

" Hmm... I guess you're right. I just wanna meet them. Youu know, and have that first impression aspect"

"Don't stress up. Just be positive"

" Thanks Iris, I really needed that talk" and she yawned, so loudly I wondered if her mom was awoken.

" Goodnight, baby girl. I need my beauty sleep"

  I laughed at her chic-iness and wished her back.

   Ending the call I changed out if my clothes afterwards brushed my teeth. I sat at the edge of my bed and took my drugs. Late I know but I can't skip it.

    Snuggling up I saw myself getting all tired and my breaths getting heavy.

   And soon fell asleep with one thing on my mind.

Or person.

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