Unexpected (Haytham x Reader)

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Parties never really were your thing.

You had always been a little tomboy-ish, growing up on a large farm in Bristol had taught you from a young age that boots and pants were always much better than heels and dresses.

You were never considered a noblewoman, till one day your parents introduced you to the Kenway's. Edward was always nice to you, complimenting your dress (that your mother had to force you into) and saying your hair looked "absolutely marvelous". His wife, Tessa was always nice to you, but you could never feel as comfortable around her as you did Edward.

You and Jenny were always good friends. She was like an older sister to you, she looked after you when your parents would go away on "business trips". When you were older, you eventually learned that your parents were assassins and they were actually traveling the world and going on missions.

Shortly after the death of Edward Kenway, Jenny got a letter that your parents had been killed on a mission in the colonies. Reginald Birch (the Grandmaster at that time), had taken you in and moved you to New York and you grew up with Haytham Kenway, Edward's youngest child.

When you were in your late teens, Reginald told you the truth about Jenny and why she had mysteriously disappeared after Reginald took you in. He had told you that she wanted a better life, and that she moved back to London to keep up the manor in Queen Anne's square.

It wasn't until years later that you found out the real reason why she disappeared- she had been kidnapped the night of Edward's death and sold to Turkish slavers a few weeks later. In your mid twenties, Haytham told you he was going to get his sister back. When he returned, he told you of how he discovered Reginald was the man behind Edward's murder and of how he killed him.

Haytham was already the Grandmaster of the Colonial Rite, charged with finding a Precursur site somewhere in the Frontier outside Boston. Even though your parents were assassins, Haytham had convinced you that the Templars wanted peace, and nothing more. He swayed you over to their side, and you had been a high ranking Templar ever since. You and Shay were at the same rank: Master Templar.

With Haytham being the Grandmaster, he attended parties and formal meetings all the time. But tonight, he had insisted you be by his side as he attended a ball a nobleman was throwing tonight. He specifically said you would be a great distraction, and that you would have to get the guy alone so that Haytham could end his puny life.

Yes, he literally said "puny".

You had objected at first, saying how you would much rather be home than in a restricting corset and not able to breathe. But, he had insisted and said that he wouldn't go without you, and you knew how important this mission was to him. So, you pouted all the way to the dress shop, got your poofy dress that made you wear a corset, and pouted back to the manor where you spent the rest of the night getting ready. (He had neglected to inform you the ball was tonight)

So here you were, struggling to breathe in your tight corset and your feet killing you from the high heels your maid told you to wear. The navy blue gown was indeed gorgeous, with gold embellishments along the bottom. The sweetheart neckline paired with cap sleeves and the expensive jewelry Haytham had bought you for your birthday made you look stunning.

Haytham had arrived before you, which meant he was already inside drinking champagne or wine and fraternizing with the guests. You gracefully stepped out of your carriage, your heels clicking on the cobblestone as you walked up the grand marble staircase.

The staircase was lined with huge pots of various flowers, the fragrance making the whole courtyard smell slightly sweet. You stopped at the top and adjusted your corset, you took a semi-deep breath and walked in. Two guards dressed in redcoat uniforms greeted you, and opened the large double doors.

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