Biggest fears

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Hmmm... guessing we all have to answer that question.

Voodoo: Oh...well... alright

Oh, Lemondrop, they also ask if they can hug you

Lemondrop: Who?


Lemondrop: Oh, but of course!!! I'll gladly accept a hug from them!

Loxo: Hugs!!! Hugs are great!!!

As for our ask. Let's not get too personal on our fears. Dusk, you go first.

Dusk: Accidentally hurting friends...


Loxo: I don't know what my fears are, but I do hate bears!!!

Oh, before we continue. TT is gonna be here with us. They've been busy for a bit, but manage to be here for this ask. Reminder... keep your distance. I'm still their bodyguard.

Loxo: The great big alpha is once again a bodyguard!!

I've been a bodyguard... and still am

Stardust: Yeah, I'm a bit less busy now, just taking care of my father. My human father, that is. He's been having some...pancreatic problems.

I d- alright... anyhow, I'll have TT say their's last. Lemondrop

Lemondrop: One of my fears is about my duplicate... *shivers at the thought of them* They were made when the scientists noticed how I refused to fight. Since I was a successful experiment they made a copy of me...

Loxo: Even meeee!!!!


Silence: I hate escalators.. .

TT, ya figured out what yours is?

Stardust: ...aha! My 5th biggest fear is getting caught on Wattpad!

Wasn't that tough to think of one. Was it?

Stardust: Oh, hush... my stupid brain had to think

Whatever ya say, TT. Voodoo.

Voodoo: Fear of little pups....don't judge me.

Bishop: Pfft wow... Well I am afraid of being abandoned or forgotten.

Voodoo: I said don't judge me!!

Loxo: *puts their arm around Bloody* What's your fear???

Ugh... has everyone told their fear?

Loxo: *nods energetically* Yup!!

Lemondrop: I believe so

Voodoo: *nods*

Dusk: Yep..   

Silence: Yes

Stardust: Yep, I've told mine. I just hate how my Wattpad wont let me update anymore...

Bishop: What about you?? What is your fear, Bloody? fear is... *sighs* yanderes.

Everyone: .....

I have a perfect reason why! I mean, they're fcking creepy for fck sake. If you have a yandere after you, rest in peace. They won't have anything stop them to getting to you. *shivers at the thought of yanderes* They're just hella creepy...

Bishop: I know what ya mean there.

Bonus fear I have is a phobia. Lyphobia? I believe that's the word.

Dusk: what kind of phobia is that?

Honestly...the first time I read that phobia I thought it was the fear of lycanrocks. But it's something else. Let me look it up real quick. Probably not even the right word

Loxo: Lycanrock!!! Alex is a lycanrock!!! Rose is a lycanrock!!!

Okay so the phobia is actually called philophobia. And honestly... I'd probably get mistaken as one in the pokemon world.

Voodoo: Oh yeah... okay, we shouldn't get side tracked again. Who's doing the outro?

Lemondrop: Maybe Stardust

TT is busy once again so... not gonna happen. Guess I will. Ahem, that's it for this ask. If you have anymore asks or dates for us then go ahead and let us know in the comments.

Loxo: Rooooose!


Silence: You'd think that wouldn't happen anymore..

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