Chapter 100: Confronting the Zodiac Council

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While Tiger and Tamie stayed behind to show their might to Tiger's grandparents, the other friends - Riza, Edmund, Nick, Kokuyo, Goldmund, and Erisa - ran forward through the corridors. 

"We got by easily back there, but we can assume there are many other Council members waiting up ahead, and this time, they won't be our relatives..." Kokuyo frowned, his hand still on the handle of his sword.

"Hmph, we'll just smash them all until we get to that Marvin Wagner, and then I'll shoot him with my Judgment Blast yet once again, and this time, to take him out for good," Edmund frowned.

But Kokuyo was right this time too - very soon, they heard a vile cackle from the darkened corridors ahead.

"Huh? Who's there?" the friends stopped.

"Intruders like you have no right to ask questions here," the womanly voice now strictly declared, and a tall, long-red-braided, brown-eyed fierce woman walked forward, dressed in a rich tunic. "I am Scarlett Rose, one of the Council members," she chuckled with her blood red lips, eyeing the friends with a hostile gaze.

The friends blinked stupefiedly, as they didn't know who this lady was, but Goldmund instead sneered and his brows furrowed as he clenched his fists:

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The friends blinked stupefiedly, as they didn't know who this lady was, but Goldmund instead sneered and his brows furrowed as he clenched his fists:

"Scarlett Rose..."

"Oh, who do I see?" Scarlett chuckled mockingly once caught a glimpse of Goldmund and then Edmund, "I didn't really think I'd stumble upon Rose Cruce members ever since your former Overlord disposed of me!" she sneered as a deep frown covered her face, revealing her disgust towards the Rose Cruce Order she had long despised.

"My grandfather banished you and the Rose Clan for a reason," Edmund puckered and strictly adjusted his glasses, "You wanted to get rid of the Jaeger Clan and take the whole leadership for yourselves, when we Jaeger Clan and you Rose Clan had always operated together since our joint efforts of founding the Order centuries ago. But you broke our sacred brotherhood treaty, and the leader of the whole Rose Clan conspiracy was you, Scarlett Rose".

"Huh? You know her?" Riza got surprised.

"She belongs to Rose Clan - the Clan that founded Rose Cruce Order together with Jaegers centuries ago," Goldmund replied now, still frowningly eyeing the coquettish lady who openly showed her mocking smile. "But Scarlett Rose conspired with other Rose Clan members and wished to overthrow Edmund's grandfather, our former Overlord, Magister Wilhelm Jaeger. As a punishment, Wilhelm banished the whole Clan and the Order fell completely in Jaeger Clan's hands. They broke the sacred treaty with us".

"Hmph, 'us'?! You're nothing but a mere peasant Steinbock!" the red-haired lady whom they had referred to as Scarlett Rose chuckled. "Or you think just because your auntie was wedded to Lord Jaeger that gives you the right to speak with the Jaegers' name?"

"Goldmund is like a brother to me, so yes, he has the right to speak with our name," Edmund strictly furrowed his brows, "As for you, you'd better think about your own position, because a nobleman who is an outcast, is noble no more but rather trash who shows off colourless feathers," the White Zen energy accumulated around his fists.

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