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"So, you're back. Now, will you finally cooperate with us?" Elijah said.

"I was trying to be mute, but I guess that's harder than I thought. On another note, I'm starving. I could die for some fried chicken. And can someone take this straight jacket off? It's unsurprisingly uncomfortable."

"You know why we can't do that. Please can you tell us everything that happened yesterday, starting from the headaches?" Elijah asked.

"Okay, fine. But I don't want you feeding me. I would prefer for Sara to do it. No offence, bro.

"Answer the question," Elijah repeated.

"It was nice meeting you guys again but I think I'm going to take a nap. Speaking of naps, can we at least put a bed in—"

A long arm soared through the air. CLUNK!

Cadell tasted blood.

"Elijah! What the hell are you doing! Stop!" Sara shrieked as Elijah threw another fist across the table. Cadell didn't try to dodge the punch. He didn't even flinch.

The two guards behind Cadell began to move but Elijah sat back in his chair and raised an arm in the air. He had finished.

"What the hell, Elijah!" Sara shrieked again. "Do you know what he's going through?"

"Yes. I also know he's being ungrateful and I also know a man who's given up."

Cadell spat blood. "Given up on what."


Cadell frowned. "Elijah. Sara. I killed my parents. I don't deserve to be speaking let alone breathing. I should be rotting in some prison right now. My parents deserve justice and I deserve punishment. If people want to experiment on me, or whatever you said, then let them do it.

"The event was out of your control!" Sara said.

"But that doesn't change that I did it. Death would be an easier solution."

"So you would rather die than fulfil your parent's wishes?" Sara asked

"What wishes? Don't you get it! I'll never be happy again and I have absolutely nothing to..."

Cadell's eyes widened. Don't hate yourself. Prove to everyone you're not a monster. 

His mother's last words. 

How could he have forgotten? Cadell blinked away tears. Maybe there was something that he could do.

"OK, I'll tell you what happened." He said to a confused looking Elijah and Sara. And so, he told them everything in detail. The raging headaches, the hallucinations, the terrifying voice and the murder of his parents. Cadell left out the details of his father trying to kill him. He wasn't sure if it was a hallucination or not. 

Sara put down her glasses and wiped her eyes. Elijah cracked his knuckles. Silence infected the air.

"I'm sure you have many questions." Elijah finally said. "Go ahead."

"Who are you really and where am I?"

"This is a place I like to call the dome. From now on, this is your new home. Ha, that rhymed. It's an underground treatment facility designed especially for you. And who am I? You already know. I'm still Elijah. Like I said before, I was given the task to look after you."

"You pretended to be my friend?"

"No, I only found out last year. My Dad told me. He's actually listening to this conversation right now. He's behind that two-way mirror."

"I'm assuming he's a friend of my parents."

"Yeah," Elijah said,  fidgeting while glancing at a nearby clock. "Pretty much. We won't go into that now. Just know that he saved you from MI0 and is responsible for all of this.

"Why is she here?" Cadell asked, his eyes glaring at Sara. "I'm no genius but if she's involved with someone like me, isn't she going to be in danger?"

"Aww, I appreciate the concern but I'm aware of the risks," Sara said.

"Cad, I promise that she's safe. MI0 has been monitoring anyone who has ever been affiliated with you as we speak, but we've made temporary countermeasures. Anyways, we have about ten minutes until your next seizure. I'm sure the voice you were talking about is going haywire?

"Something like that." Cadell paused for a moment. "Wait, did you say seizure?"

"Yeah," said Elijah. "You aren't aware of it but approximately every two hours, you kind of get..."

"Psycho?" Sara completed.

"Yeah. that. You completely lose your moral compass and you start displaying crazy level strength. It's the reason why the, um, incident took place. But don't worry, that's why you're here. We will find a way to control it."

"Incident? Smooth." Cadell said. "What do you know about this illness?"

"It's a rare variation of schizophrenia. During the frenzy, the crazed showed an astonishing variety of symptoms but three remained constant. Hallucinations, delusions, and seizures. I know it sucks bro but you'll be living a normal life in no time... relative to now that is. Your old life is gone, my man. Hey, look on the bright side; you have a ton of awesome superpowers which I would absolutely kill for- Ow!"

Sara elbowed him in the face.

Speaking of hurting people unnecessarily, Cadell's jaw was aching. He considered Elijah a good friend but providing emotional comfort had never been his strong suit.

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