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Smut warning. I think that's pretty obvious from the title.

Sorry, this is pretty short with about 900 words.


"Gavin," a deep whisper warned.

Two tongues paused their dancing, one slightly swollen from a cheeky bite from the other.

"Gavin, behave, or else." Conan leveled his eyes to the feisty man beneath him. Gavin looked back at his partner with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Gavin smirked, "Or else what, dipshit?"

Conan's eyes darkened as he grabbed Gavin by his hair and pulled him to his lips, "Behave or I'll use force."

Gavin swallowed upon the threat as their breaths entangled in each other. He felt their quickened heartbeats syncing together as their skin pressed and caressed. He felt Conan's enlarging member beneath his own as Conan teased him, nibbling at his earlobe, licking sensitive spots and slowly creating friction between their heated parts. Conan's hand moved further down, down, leaving traces of electricity and sparks upon contact and leaving Gavin begging, whimpering for more. Gavin moaned with eyes clenched closed, speaking quietly next to Conan's ear. "Fuck, Conan, if you're gonna keep teasing me like that then maybe I'll m-misbehave so you'll have to use force."

Conan paused as he locked eyes with Gavin, both filled with overflowing lust and desire.

"Oh, do you really want that?" Conan smirked as Gavin seemed unsure of himself. He nodded hesitantly at Conan's sudden dominance. Then, without so much of a warning, Conan commanded Gavin to close his eyes. Gavin did so obediently as he waited, excitement and nervousness shivering around his vulnerable body. He heard a few noises of rummaging before Conan placed himself back on top of the smaller man. All of a sudden he felt a soft fabric covering his eyes, eliminating all sight but stimulating every other sense. Then, he felt his hands being brought over his head, wrists crossed together. A pair of handcuffs linked him to the bedhead and made him more vulnerable than ever.

Conan whispered deeply into Gavin's ear once again, "You wanted force? You'll get it."

The one sentence sent Gavin on a high of all the possibilities. He bit his lip in thought of what Conan was going to do to him but he didn't have to think much as he felt a hand crawling up his inner thigh, sending more shivers and sparks across Gavin's skin.

Not long after that, he felt Conan's tongue exploring every millimeter of his body from his neck to his chest to his calves. Conan was worshiping every bit of Gavin possible. Gavin whimpered once Conan reached the tenderness of his body but it was to end soon. Conan roughly grabbed Gavin by the torso, and bit his nipple, earning a loud cry from the submissive man.

He toyed with Gavin's rock hard member as his mouth went to work with his nipple and neck and his other hand played with his entrance. Gavin was surprised at the sudden change of pace but didn't deny it. Instead, he welcomed it. He arched his back to give more space for Conan and cried and called Conan's name like it was the only word he knew.

Conan then released one hand and shoved his fingers into Gavin's mouth, which he gladly accepted by sucking and lubricating every crevice of it. Then, Gavin felt Conan positioning himself at him but wasn't allowed to prepare as Conan roughly slammed himself into Gavin.

Gavin's voice escalated into incoherent gasps and screams as Conan was taking the smaller man as his, marking him and owning him in whatever way possible. Gavin's mind exploded in a perfect combination of pain and pleasure as Conan continued. Conan was growling hungrily as he kissed Gavin with such ferocity that Gavin forgot how to breath, only knowing his taste and the feel of the tongues dancing, fighting. Even in the darkness, Gavin felt fireworks behind his eyes while every other sense was being stimulated and tested. The scent of sex lingering on the sweat of their skin, the raw flavour of Conan himself and every little contact between their skin was so much to bear. Gavin felt as if his senses were on hyper drive.

Gavin didn't know what he was expecting when he begged for force but he was certainly satisfied as Conan continued to insert himself over and over again. Conan's hands were still searching Gavin's body with nails digging into his skin, setting his territory and leaving a crimson trail. Gavin felt his insides being twisted and turned inside out as he was building up pleasure upon pleasure. Conan was a beast and Gavin was surely his prized prey.

Both men were still loving each other in a raw and primary state and before long, they climaxed together but still had their tongues connected and Conan was just sliding himself out of Gavin. Conan removed the blindfold from Gavin and unlocked his wrists, which allowed him to embrace his partner's bare body. Conan smirked upon seeing Gavin's tired yet satisfied expression as they regained their breaths and recovered from such an exerting activity.

"Holy shit, Conan, how'd you learn THAT?" Gavin asked as soon as he controlled his breathing.

"Well, you did say you wanted force." Conan winked and created a blush to form on Gavin's already red cheeks. He brushed disheveled strands of hair from his forehead as he breathed in the aftermath of his work, still slightly high from it.

"W-well, you're gonna have to do that again sometime 'coz holy fuck that was hot." Conan chuckled lightly as he pulled Gavin close and kissed the top of his head.

"As you wish, babe."

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