Chapter 1

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hey guys thanks for all the amazing comments on my preview!(: i hope i get more like that! I was like the happiest person in the WORLD! :D Anyways  here is the first chapter! i hope you like it.

Sorry if it's not that interesting TRUST ME it gets better!(: 

The skating routine she does is to the right (No doesnt belong to me and its not really the girl in my story i just liked the routine and thought that if you wanted to see the routine i pictured her doing!)



I glided around the ice gracefully, leaping into the air with the song. The crowd was screaming my name while I went into my last turn executing it flawlessly. Standing there in the middle of the rink I gazed up at the crowd and waved before making my way back over to my parents. They sat there holding hands and smiling at me with proudness in their eyes. This was the best moment of my life.

As I grew closer my parents seemed to fade away. Making myself go faster they only vanished the same moment I reached out for them. I let out a shriek, sadness edging into my voice as the crowd’s cheering voices began to fade away like my parents. Seconds later I was standing in the middle of nowhere, crying out for no one. A black hole appeared beneath making me fall into the blackness.

Waking up I realized it was all a dream… a terrible dream that I happen to have every night of my life. I looked into the small mirror on the opposite side of the room and saw the dark bags that were lying underneath my light green eyes. My hair look like a tornado went through it and I was sweating like no tomorrow. No doubt from my tossing and turning…

“Faith would you shut up down there!” My evil cousin screamed from overtop of me, making sure to stomp on the ground really hard. “You are making my morning routine for the first day of school impossible to finish!”

“YEAH!” her equally as evil twin sister yelled in agreement.

I let out a long tired sigh and slowly peeled myself from my bed. Today was the first day of school and like always I was dreading it. I am a nerd as most put it and at the bottom of the popularity chain, great huh?

Walking out of the room I made my way into the kitchen and began breakfast. As the bacon in the pan sizzled I waited for the toast to pop out, while pouring juice into three glasses. I always made breakfast for my aunt and cousins; it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter. I was even at the bottom in the house too, thrift store clothing and toast for breakfast every morning. My cousins got designer clothing, bags, and shoes then also got to eat wonderful meals that included bacon.

Minutes later my aunt made her way down the stairs with the twins following her. “Ew toast has carbs! That’s the reason your fat,” Danielle called out poking her head out from behind my aunt who was on the phone. “Eating it burnt is gross too you know.”

My eyes widened in realization of what she said and I ran over to the toaster, popping out my burnt toast. Slumping my shoulders I grabbed my toast and made my way back to my room to get changed. I grabbed my clothes and makeup before dragging myself into the bathroom. I took a long shower letting the water try and wash away the remainders of my horrible dream. Getting out I threw on my shorts and tank top before brushing my hair and throwing it into a ponytail.

“Let’s get this day over with…” I muttered to myself as I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t understand why I grabbed my makeup when I didn’t even put any on. Shrugging I walked back into my room to grab my bags and stopped by my parents picture to blow it a kiss. “I will try and have a good day for you.”

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