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James waits in front of the school, he looks around, he's a little too early but he hopes he could see a glimpse of Sacha.

Here and there other schoolpeople seem to make their way to school, walking past James and head inside. Laughing at each other about the nerd.

James sighs, it's not always great to be the nerd of the school, not to mention he refuses to get his eyes checked up although he knows he needs glasses.

"Boo." Luke spoke from behind the nerd.

James literally jumps up, moves his arms in circles in front of him when he turns around and sees Luke, calming himself down.

Luke laughs. "It's so much fun to make you schriek."

"Yeah... laugh what you want about me." James mumbles moody.

"Waiting for Sacha aren't you?" Luke says with a wink.

"...yes..." James responds.

"She's always late, it's useless to be here early."  Luke responds.

"I know... but there's still 0,004% chance she would be here early... and 12% chance she would be just on time.. I have to risk it." James says.

Luke faceslaps himself and let his hand slowly slide down. "Just admit you've fallen in love with her." Luke advises.

"No... well... maybe... I wanted to ask her on a date." He looks down at his shoes shy, very shy.

Luke rolls his eyes. "Just ask her."

"Eh .. I'm nervous. I'm not sure if I could ask her on a date..."

"Of course you can. What are you afraid for?!" Luke asks.

"That she says no, that she laughs at me... or that I destroy our friendship..." James counts the reasons visual onto his fingers.

Luke rolls his eyes. Grabs James by his arm and starts dragging him inside school. "Better you do something useful instead of waiting for Sacha. Help me with maths for example. I struggle a bit with quiestion 25..." He stops at a table in one of the study rooms from their school. Luke sat down and so did James, although his eyes were mainly focussed on the window that shows the hallway. "Give me your maths-homework." Luke demands annoyed, realizing James is not going to explain him question 25 so he has to figure out by looking at James' homework himself.

James got out his maths notebook and hands it to Luke.

Luke flips pages till he got at Question 25. reading carefully what James wrote in his messed handwriting and how he formed the calculation. Then Luke writes everything over but then in a way that he could understand it himself better and plans to remake the question after school or during lunchbreak so he can fully understand it himself. He gives the notebook back to James and gets up "Come on, time for class."

"Which lesson?" James asks.


"... I hate English class... Our teacher isn't even English, how is she supposed to teach us English in a right way?!" James groans.

Luke laughs. Shakes his head lightly and walks to class. James follows him quickly.

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