Chapter 17

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I followed along after Loan out of the bar, flashing the brothers one last look. I noticed Samantha raging at us in the corner. Loan led me down a street and we crossed through several alleyways. I could hear his mind wanting to turn around and push me up against one of the brick walls but he decided he would be patient and wait until the 'haunted' house. I rolled my eyes. How exactly was I going to get out of this one? I might not have minded so much a few weeks ago, he was good looking, but I had absolutely no interest in any other men, now that I had tasted my Bartholy brothers. Besides, Viktor would be pissed, not that I would tell him.

We finally reached the outskirts of Mysteryspell and he led me toward one of the houses I had seen in his mind before. We crept up the porch steps and he pushed the door open that creaked as it swung open slowly. I could sense Loan's unease in the place but being here with me alone also filled him with aroused anticipation. "So what's the story with this place?" I whispered at him. He smiled and told me a creepy story about how a family used to live there but then one of them went crazy and killed the rest of the family before he was killed by the police. "And they say the axe he used is still in this very house; that you can see it changing positions around the house, as the killer waits for any new victims that wander into the house."

He took the opportunity to lean close and wrap a 'reassuring' arm around me. "I've always loved a scary story," I whispered, playing along. I starred in most of the ones I knew. The boards creaked under our feet as he walked me around the house, telling me all the stories of different 'encounters' in those rooms. We walked into the old kitchen. "And in here a woman claimed that her boyfriend was murdered by a knife that just came at him and stabbed him to death. She was found screaming, while she ran through the town." I snorted and then asked incredulously, "Didn't they just peg her for the murder?" "Apparently his body has never been found." "So why do so many people come here if it's supposedly that haunted?" "For a thrill," he whispered in an ominous voice as he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

"Loan, we shouldn't." He pulled me back to his lips for a few moments and moved down onto my neck. His mind revealed that he had every intention to. Damn. "Loan, Samantha and you seemed pretty close. Are you sure she's not your girlfriend?" "Definitely," his hoarse voice grunted. "It sure seemed like that to me." His hands were starting to wander and he backed me up against the old kitchen island, leaning me over with his ardent kisses and petting. "She doesn't mean anything to me." "And I do?" I laughed out in an incredulous tone. He had me on the island counter and was on top of me by this point. "Absolutely." Typical.

I was only responding enough to not make him get angry with rejection, but I really wasn't sure what I was going to do to get out of this one. His lips wandered down to my bustline, trying to tease out a response from me. I was glad I had worn a corset, instead of the low-line halter I had considered. "Loan." He took that as encouragement and wandered down to my waistline, kissing just above the top of my jeans as he ran his hands all over my thighs. I felt him reach up and undo the button on my jeans, granting his tongue access to dip below the waistline. I gasped, but not from actual pleasure; from surprise and a feeling of annoyance. I was about to make him black out using my power, when I felt a presence in the room with us.

Loan was too busy to notice the apparition that had appeared next to us. I locked eyes with Viktor. His ghostly eyes took in the scene before him, first with surprise and then seething anger. I cried out in fright, only partially faked, and Loan's face snapped up to catch sight of the apparition just before it faded, wafting away. He screamed like a freaking pansy before he jumped back from where the "ghost" had been, with wide frightened eyes. I decided to milk the opportunity and used my powers to have all the cabinet doors fly open, sending things crashing around him as I screamed in mock terror. I found an old knife in one of the cupboards and sent it flying towards Loan, to lodge in the wall next to his head.

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