Chap 5: Mission

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"Nagisa...What should we do with that murderer?"-Sugino asked. Mako yawn:"Ahhh~ Oniichan is useless, Sugino-san!". Zen ask:"You should do something, Mako-chan. Plus, your brother is smarter than you". Nagisa laugh:" Haha, I don't know but...What about you Karma?". He smile:"Kill him, of course!". Everyone is staring at him...


"Who agree to kill Karma?".

everyone is raising their hands. Karma smirk:"I will kill you guys first". Nagisa laugh:"Haha, very funny. Now...Mako...hit him...". "Yes, sir!"-Mako replied.

-A few minutes later-

"So how about we will act like we are very friendly at first. When we are in his trust, we will kill him!"-Nagisa said. Everyone is agree...except Karma...He is full of damages now...because Mako...She is like a cat...When she was born...Nagisa always told his mom to give her a name like 'Neko' because she sleep and naughty like a cat (Neko is cat in Japanese). But his dad planned her name to be 'Mako'( Mako is a meaning word like 'Child Of Truth' Nagisa is a word of sexual that word make Nagisa feel...awful...Akari is 'Brightness, Light' so that make sense to her... Back to the story!). Everyone look at Karma:"Why not?". Karma complain:"Nagisa's sister  make me like this...My body is full of damages now...That's why...". Nagisa sweat dropped:"Sorry, Karma...".


"Hello class~"-The teacher came in...










Koro-sensei reply:"By some reasons...Someone dragged me and told me to eat meals...They look delicious so..."

The class shout:"WHICH STUDENTS WANT A MONSTER TO TEACH?!". Koro-sensei smirk:"Nrfufufufufu...But this is a good thing too...". Nagisa smile:"You want us train to be an assassin?". Koro-sensei nod:" Nyun, yes, I want to. 100 points for Shiota-kun!". Everyone stood up:"EHHHH?!NO WAY!". And, that made Akari notice....'Shiota' is...almost like 'Shio'. The boy she like in the past, but he has black hair. The boy look at her:"What is it, Akari-san?". And...Why did him call her by her first name? That's make her feel...familiar...

Flash back


Someone bumped to her. A boy with black hair and blue eyes look at her, nervous:"Eh-A-ah...SORRY!I too fast! SORRY!". She just 'tsk' and walk away. But then the boy stop her:"E-eh? You are Yukimura Akari?". She nod, but her back is still facing him. He smile, run to her:"Hey!Akari-san! Be my friend, please!". She speechless:"E-eh?". THe boy just...don't get it..."Why did you call me by my first name?". He scratch his hair:"It just...I called the person I like or my best friend and sometimes stranger by their first name...By the me 'Shio'!". 


Flash back end

She shook her head:"Ah...nothing...". Nagisa look at her:"Okay then". Koro-sensei say:"And...Today we have new students! They are from class E and...". A black hair man cut him off:"No, you guys, will move to class E". Nagisa simle:"Karasuma-san...Is that okay?". Karasuma say:"Nagisa-kun, that's okay. This octopus is the government's secret so we can't let innocent people see him in public". Akari stood up:"Wait...Why we need to train to be an assassin?!". Karasuma open his mouth to say something but Nagisa say:"We need to protect everyone,...We have been choosing". "Choosing?"-Akari asked. Nagisa say, look at the table:"Choosing by a monster...120 years ago...A monster want to blow up this world but he want to teach a class never see their future..Everyone hate them and that monster teach them...They are all famous after 7 years but that monster has been them...When Karasuma-san saw me...He realized me and said I'm a person will change this a student from that class...And the class that the old students killed that monster is in class E...". Karasuma say:"He is telling the truth, I saw those students profile...They have the same name as you guys. And the leader of that old group is...'Shiota Nagisa'...Well known as 'Death'...". Isogai stood up:"Why did they choose us?!". A red head enter the class:"Because no reasons...God is God...They don't have any reasons...". Nagisa smile, go to the front of the class:"Yes, and...Everyone...Enter the class...". A group of people entered the class:"Yes, sir~". Karasuma say:"Class, this is the most famous FBI group in the world...". A blue hair girl say:"Hello senpai! I am Mako, Nagisa's sister!".The class look at her:"EHHHH?! Isn't she is the hot girl in grade 7?!". The girl laughed. The boy with white hair say:"Hi, I am Zen, grade 7-Sugino's brother". And then 3 boys in that group smile:"You all know us..". The class nod:"U-Uhm...". 

"Today, from now on, we will training. We will be the leaders...Let's change the group first..."

Nagisa said.

So...The group will be...

Group 1: ( Attack and leader group )

Nagisa, Akari , Yada , Kimura , Takebayashi. ( Leader: Nagisa)

Group 2:( Chemistry and attack group)

Karma, Okuda , Maehara, Okano, Kurahashi (Leader: Karma)

Group 3: ( Shooting group)

Sugino, Kanzaki, Isogai, Kataoka, Hara ( Leader: Sugino)

Group 4: (Shooting group)

Chiba, Hayami, Nakamura, Sugaya, Mimura ( Leader: Chiba and Hayami)

Group 5: ( Distract group )

Terasaka, Itona, Yoshida, Hazama ,Muramatsu ( Leader: Itona)

Group 6:(Detective and hack group )

Zen, Mako, Ritsu, Fuwa ( Leader: Zen)


"EH?! What about me?!"-Okajima asked.

Nagisa look at him with a cold stare:

-You should just sit there and silent...

Okajima sweat dropped...

Nagisa laugh:

-Hahaha! Just kidding! You will in distract group with Terasaka!Group 5!

Okajima sigh:"At least I will be useful with you guys..."

Nagisa laugh...But in his mind is...

-The first mission can kill you guys if you guys are not patient...-

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