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Seren pulled into McGreggor's driveway just a few seconds before a Wind Runner SUV screeched to a halt at the entrance. They couldn't follow and grab her, they were only allowed to come on peaceful terms.This most certainly was not peaceful.

Seren slammed the truck door shut and let herself in, sinking onto a couch. She watched TV until McGreggor got home and then they had a fairly normal night until the phone rang.

"Hello? Liam..."

The ice cream suddenly turned colder in her stomach. 

"No, she is not. I-...Liam...You need to calm down," McGreggor warned, then held the phone a few inches from his face. Seren swallowed, but her throat seemed dry. "Y-...yes, if you are so determined, I will let her decide. Seren? Alpha Liam would like to speak with you."

Seren slowly shook her head, her eyes wide. She knew if she heard his voice, she might do whatever he told her to.

"No, she does not wish to speak with you. Yes. Yes, I will. Good evening, Liam." He hung up. "That man is desperate to hear from you."

"It will do him good to go without getting his way for once," Seren muttered.

McGreggor roared with laughter. "Yes, indeed it will."

Seren slept restlessly, haunted by glowing blue eyes and rough hands running over her skin. She woke up early and had to force herself to stay inside. She needed at least a few drama-free days to let her shoulder heal. Hopefully, it would help her bond with Alpha Liam to fade so that they could both go on with their lives. The thought made her feel nauseous, but it was something she would have to endure. 

"Liam has been coming to the shop every day," McGreggor said, hanging his coat by the door. "I tell him that you don't work there anymore, but he just growls and checks the basement like a lost dog. At least he buys a case of beer every time he comes, though."

"He probably has to drink himself to sleep after his nightly tantrum," she giggled. It almost made her sad to say so, since her wolfside had been craving her mate, but knew once the bond faded, she could go on with her life. 

There was a knock on the door and Seren stood abruptly, her blanket falling to the floor, her smile gone. McGreggor looked at her and then moved to the door, peeking out the hole. 

Seren could feel her legs shaking. If it was Liam, she would be in trouble. 

"Kate? Eric?" He stepped back to let them both inside. "What are you doing here? Did Liam send you?" His voice grew gruff.

Kate hugged him and pecked him on the cheek before looking around the room, her eyes falling on Seren. "No, Dad," she said. "Well, yes, actually. But he just wanted us to come make sure that his...your daughter...was okay."

"She is fine. She would be better if he would leave her be."

Kate turned and walked into the kitchen, Eric's green eyes now finding Seren. He was tall, not as tall as Liam, though, with blonde hair laid flat on his head and stubble lining his chin and cheeks. 

"Seren, this is my son, Eric. We fostered Kate first before the Wind Runners took her in and then Eric. Sam and Joseph were our last, they are brothers, also with the pack now. They aren't going to come bursting in here too are they?"

"No, Dad," Eric smiled. 

"Well, no use being angry with you as long as you stay on my good side. I'm glad I get to see you, boy. You older," McGreggor smiled. 

Seren retreated into the kitchen, hoping to slip past and hide in her room. Kate had already made four bowls of ice cream. 

"He always keeps ice cream in the fridge, even when I was little. It's a McGreggor thing. Here, come and sit and we can talk about what he has been up to and you can tell me about yourself, too." She smiled so warmly that Seren felt guilty for wanting to get away from her. This was the closest thing to a bigger family she had. She moved slowly to the table and pulled out a worn chair, sitting in the same seat she always had. She dragged the ceramic bowl across the wooden top and stared at its contents in silence.

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