[11:26pm] Hameeda: kk, brb.

[11:27pm] Ahlaam: shush ZaynABS!

[11:27pm] Zaynab: Zaynabs??

[11:27pm] Ahlaam: Need I remind you? 'Does he have abs?'

[11:29pm] Zaynab: A girl makes one mistake... one mistake.

[11:29pm] Ahlaam: And we won't let it die. Nope. Now, back to more important things, Ahmad replied to me.

[11:30pm] Zaynab: What'd he say?

[11:30pm] Ahlaam: He wants to talk to my dad!

[11:30pm] Zaynab: OMA! Congratulations! And my prayers for him, that brave soul.

[11:30pm] Ahlaam: No, no, you don't get it. HE WANTS TO TALK TO MY DAD! That means I have to talk to my dad first! I have to tell my parents that I talked with Ahmad again.

[11:30pm] Zaynab: Oh. YIKES.

[11:31pm] Ahlaam: Yeah. Idk how I'm gonna do it, I've been running from every single marriage conversation that they've attempted with me and now I have to initiate one?

[11:31pm] Zaynab: Again, YIKES.

[11:33pm] Azza: My advice, u have a lot of kissing up to do!

[11:33pm] Ahlaam: huh?

[11:33pm] Zaynab: look who joined the party 😜

[11:34pm] Azza: U need to butter your parents up before u talk to them. Make them too happy with you to get mad about this.

[11:34pm] Zaynab: agreed. You should cook them dinner.

[11:35pm] Ahlaam: yeah. Me. I should cook them dinner. I'm sorry, have we met? I'm Ahlaam Majdi, I can't cook. And you?

[11:35pm] Zaynab: Lol

[11:37pm] Azza: Well maybe you could just follow a recipe or something from the internet?

[11:38pm] Ahlaam: My dad's super picky and only likes Mum's cooking. Plus, I can't handle that kind of pressure. If I mess up the food, then I have to suffer their anger over Ahmad AND criticisms on my cooking!

[11:38pm] Azza: Oh, true.

[11:39pm] Zaynab: What can you do then?

[11:40pm] Ahlaam: Well my mum's gotta take Samiyah to her dentist appointment this week, so I'm thinking maybe while she's gone that day I'll just do all of the housework so she can just relax when she gets back.

[11:40pm] Azza: Smart, smart.

[11:40pm] Ahlaam: Yeah. And then maybe when she's cooking I'll help out with the small stuff to gauge her mood. If she's happy, I'll tell her after dinner.

[11:41pm] Zaynab: What about your dad? When are you gonna talk to him?

[11:41pm] Ahlaam: Are you crazy? I can't talk to him about something like this! I need to get Mum on my side and hopefully she'll tell him instead.

[11:41pm] Zaynab: Lol. Told you your dad's scary.

[11:42pm] Azza: Ok so then ur gonna clean up the house, help with dinner, and tell ur mum so she can talk to ur dad?

[11:42pm] Ahlaam: Yep.

[11:42pm] Zaynab: Sounds like a good plan to me.

[11:43pm] Azza: Gr8. Now that that's settled, I'm going to bed. Quite knackered.

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