School. Lemme preach a sec,

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Ah. School. The thing that causes us the most stress ever,
We are forced to sit in a closed off classroom for eight hours a day. No talking, no fun, no learning about either useful or fun stuff.

Lunch? Yum right? Unless you're served with the same food that can be found in prisons across America. I'm not even kidding, go google it.

Today I was sitting in my hell hole called English class. Now I loved English class. Until this year. See were being forced to repeat knowledge that won't help us at all in the real world.

When am I gonna have to tell you what the adverb and adjectives in a sentence are?
We are in eighth grade and are being forced to repeat the same stuff we learned in fourth grade. I've already forgotten that old shit though. It's useless information. So today I was publicly forced to sit in front of my whole class and work with a partner. I know I'm smart enough to figure it out. I know I can do it. But because I refuse to do something like this, I get a failing grade,

Shocker here? I've had good grades my whole life. I have an IQ and stronger mindset then some adults.

Now.. We're being forced to read A.R books. IN EIGHTH GRADE. This is what our reading grade is based off of. Us taking tests on books we don't even get to choose.

Tell me that's not bullshit.

I fucking dare you.

I'm being treated like I'm dumb now because I understand that some adult does not have the right to take my childhood away for useless schooling  because they are "older and more educated."

Okay lemme get this straight, civilisations before us have improved and gained knowledge and then once were all forced into a classroom repeating curriculums.. We don't improve anything.

And people wonder why history repeats itself.

You'll notice we haven't improved much.. At least the ones who are stuck in a school. The ones who improve things are all allowed to go do research on whatever they choose because they were born in a more powerful spot.

Because we are stopping humanity through this, we will put ourselves in this endless loop unless someone finally realises that you shouldn't grade a persons intelligence on their willingness to participate in a stupid activity like this.

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