Part 3: Say You'll Be There (10/17/18)

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15, mid- June

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15, mid- June

When she was younger, she never thought much of what she would do if she were to have a grand party. Of course she wanted a big dress and decorations so intricate that people would be in awe, but not specifics.

Well she knew one thing, she was going to have a sweet sixteen, even if majority of her family weren't around.

Her birthday was in two weeks, yet somehow she found herself going to Ireland instead of Manhattan with friends. She loved Ireland, and her grandmother, but she wanted her party with people she knew.

Tabitha tried to reason with her parents about the situation, wanting to at least celebrate before she went, but it was a solid no. They couldn't afford to both have her party and send her to Ireland. Knowing how family came first, she finally conceded to their command, wanting to do what was right.

It didn't stop her from grumbling about it though.

There was a catch she was able to get her parents with; these were one of the moments  when she was glad she was smart. She had saved money over the year wanting to go to the Spice Girls concert when she went Ireland. Well, not exactly in Ireland...more like London, but she was sure her grandmother would be happy to go with her. Tabitha's parents weren't too happy hearing how she spent money on concert tickets, but they did agree seeing that she wasn't able to do anything else for her birthday.

Now all she had to do was count down the days till she turned 16; oh and tell her grandmother of course.

Finishing her exams early, her school allowed an early leave allowing her mother to pick up her report card. She was off again, excited to see her grandmother again after 10 months.

As promised, she called her grandmother often, they could talk for hours  at a time. The townspeople asked how she was doing, finding her now to be a part of their community in some form.

The only time the latter would get quiet was when Sonya would mention Stephen, Father Foley. From her grandmother's perpective, he had quite a year. The church in the Vattican thought that he was doing well where is was and offered him to move up in rank, so he had gone for some time to visit. Sonya did admit to her that she was alone without the priest, being the only one to hold her interest for such a long period. Her grandmother believed that soon he would be a prominent man in Ireland for his position, but Tabitha wondered if it was right. Then again, she didn't know how everyone else interacted with him, or what he would do as a priest.

Now, she was back where she was a year ago, landing in the green country, anticipating the crisp air to greet her. This time around, she made sure to get some sort of sleep, and she bought herself a walkman and tons of cds she collected over the year. Similar to last year, no one really bothered her upfront, but this year there was some difference, especially with the guy she ended up sitting next to. She tended to cover herself with a thin blanket she had at hand, not appreciating the glances he would pass by her every now and then.

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