Chapter 1

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Katrin Dane has a life anyone would die to have. A successful career, billionaire at her 30's, beauty of a goddess, banging body that all the man wants to taste, luxurious lifestyle, yet she is lonely. Growing up Katrin thought being wealthy would buy her everything even love, for her everything has a price and with money everything is possible. She never believes in love at first sight or any of those crap romance novel throws to their reader. She maybe pickle minded in the love department but she's a genius in the business world. She was the sole responsible for pulling their family business from the slump of bankruptcy. Yes, she was born wealthy but it didn't mean money will grow itself. Their family wealth started to swindle down when her mother died, her father couldn't cope with the loss that he had also forgotten to live a life for himself and for others. Katrin step in at the neck of time. Since then she was and still is the CEO of the Dane Family Group of Companies. Everything about Katrin is hectic, her schedule doesn't allow her to mingle with people outside the business, her lack of association hindered her from meeting new people or from finding love. Katrin isn't a cold a hearted bitch, no, in fact, she had fallen in love once, he was everything to her but with Katrin always being busy with work and family their relationship suffered until it just didn't exist anymore. He was her first and only love, Carl, that was his name. It had been 17 years since they last saw each other, she heard Carl got married ten 10 years ago and it hurt Katrin so much that she never entertained any suitors at all. From then on Katrin believed that love will only lead to pain and pain will only bring suffering that will just ruin you. Maybe someday she will learn to open her heart again for the right person.

Kris Smith a loving, caring and awesome daughter and sister. She always makes sure that everything is done in the least amount of time but with perfect precision. Kris is smart and hardworking, their family didn't have a lot, in fact, they have less than was is enough but they work with what they have to live. Kris work at an early age to be able to go to school and help out at home. Her dad works at a factory and her mom works at the local bakeshop, her sister worked as a waitress right after high school to help with their everyday expenses. Despite everyone always working and busy they always made sure that Sunday will be the day for the family. They make breakfast, lunch, and dinner together while talking about everything that happened to them during the week. It was simple but Kris valued it a lot, she always looks forward to their Sundays. Kris works a lot of jobs to be able to afford College, she washed dishes, scrubbed floors, hanged around building windows scrubbing it, became a delivery person, cleaned toilettes, name it she had probably done it. She made sure her family is taken care of especially after her sister, Annie, died in a car accident together with her boyfriend almost 2 years ago. Annie was pregnant during the incident so the doctor had to take the baby out via c-section before she died she made Kris promised to make the child hers, meaning putting Kris as the birth mother. So now Kris is a  single mother or a father being that she is an intersex but she loves every bit of parenthood. She made sure to double on her work and to always be the best for her son, Andy. She may be a single parent but she's not alone, together with her parents they vow to give Andy a nice and happy life.


This is my first attempt at writing any story so please be kind to me. I just have so many ideas that I want to share and give life. I'm apologizing in advance for grammar errors and spelling mistake. Happy reading!!  

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