A Beautiful Family Reunion I

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❤️What could be more important than a little something to eat❤️

Sam chose a shady spot under an umbrella at the outdoor restaurant over on the Coleman Avenue to wait for his family.

In a dysfunctional sense of the word.

He'd never really cared about his appearance much but because of his four years old son that he's never seen in person before, it took him almost an hour to find and finally settle on just a grey muscle tee-shirt and short camouflage pants. The sun was blazing hot that Sunday afternoon so he blocked it out with shades.

He was truly a sight.

It had been a few minutes since he sat down but his palms were already starting to sweat. And it wasn't from the heat.

Zelah hadn't taken the news well enough the day before. It was a literal jaw dropping moment for her and a bit too much to handle.

After she confirmed that he said what he said, she went quiet and got lost in her thoughts. Almost as if she wasn't ready to discuss it.

When he tried pushing her to say something, she mumbled an excuse of going to get her stuff from Jade's and left.

He couldn't lie. He was terrified at her reaction and wasn't sure how to approach it with her. The thought froze in his mind when the former love of his life stepped out of a sleek, black Jaguar XF looking ten years younger. Her beautiful, long hair fluttered in the breeze and across her light skin as she walked towards him.

Demilade was just as he remembered, only more beautiful than ever. She had on longer cargo pants and a black under blouse tucked in with combat boots. She looked fly and so badass.

“Did you plan to copy me?” Sam asked and couldn't help smiling as she broke out into a melodious laugh and sat down across from him.

“I work at the barracks part time. Today seemed like a good one to fit in with the soldiers.” Her fingers weaved through her hair and made a quick, messy bun at the top of her head. Satisfied, she stared at him and met him doing the same. “So..hi. You look great.”

“Hello Demi. Thank you, where is he?” His bravery was getting thinner every second so he needed to see him before he chickened out.

“Slow down, he'll be here soon. Had a playdate earlier today. I wanted to talk to you a bit.”

A short laugh broke from his lips. “About what?”

“Dami. I'm sorry I kept the both of you apart, Sammy it was selfish of me. I thought I was doing it to hurt you but I didn't realize that it hurt my baby as well. I hope I can make it right..” She looked sincere enough but he wasn't buying it. She wanted something, he was sure of it.

“You had a right to, remember? I'm not holding anything against you, Demi. Now about..him, I can't answer on his behalf.” He looked away but he could feel her stare. She noticed. She noticed everything.

“You can say his name, you know?” She said softly, her fingers brushing his on the table. “He's yours as much as he is mine.”

He removed his hands from the table and placed them on the chair arms, not saying anything. She sighed and leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs.

“You should know that I never actually cheated. I know you're bitter at me for it but I really didn't. But this is not me passing myself off as a saint, far from it. I was..about to. It had reached the point of no return when Damien Ashton Holden decided to steal the show. I threw up the entire night.”

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