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We've finally opened the last box this weekend. Yippee! We are officially moved in. And as a celebration we went out for a family movie night. Matt had this new Transformers movie that he was obsessing about, so Aunt Sophie and I wanted to make a mini-surprise and took the little guy. He wouldn't stop skipping around us saying "Thank you" and "I love you" and "You are the best" God, he was so easy to please.

I gave back Timothy the rest of his notes. He has been a great friend and tutor, helping me catch up on my studies, fixing my notes, highlighting the important parts to memorize. Lots of hard work and time was spent in the library.

I think things are looking up with him and Abby. The sweetest thing was that Timothy had a change of attitude. He started to speak confidently and commented in all the right bases. Even cracked a normal joke that everyone understood instead of those nerdy, brainy ones that took a chart, a board and probably a calculator to be explained. I was wondering about that change until I saw him talking to Ethan one day. I couldn't hear what they were saying neither did I interrupt but the way Ethan was talking and Timothy's intensive listening and constant nodding told me a lot. So sweet!

I was waiting for Monday to see Ethan. The mere thought of him gave me butterflies, but then the picture of his perfect ex-girlfriend came to mind and it was as if somebody just grabbed a can of Raid and sprayed the life out of those butterflies. Anyway, I miss bickering with the guy, I guess.

To my disappointment Ethan was absent for Monday and Tuesday and that got me worried. When I asked Timothy if he knew anything he shrugged and said, "As I told you, with Ethan that is normal. He would disappear for some time and then show up."

That didn't ease my worries, "Do you have his phone number? Or do you know if I could I get it from the main office?"

Timothy shook his head, "No, sorry I don't. And I doubt you'll get it from the office. You know, personal info and stuff."

I blew out an annoyed breath. I didn't like this. No one goes AWOL for no reason. I raked and twisted my brain for ideas until one popped and I rushed to the football field where the school's team practiced.

The guys were scattered all over the field doing push-ups, sit ups, tossing the ball, jogging, jumping jacks, dumbbells, ropes, just about every exercise possible. Pinning the person I was looking for was a challenge, especially with all the gears and helmets on and no faces showing. What was the number on his jersey? I sought through the memory lane until I found it.Twenty-one. Yes! That's it! Scanning the outdoors gym members in front of me searching for the Twenty-one- jersey. If only everyone would stop moving! 

When I spotted him I tried to flag him down while he was tossing the ball. He didn't see me, but number Sixteen did and as he followed my signals he flagged Kyle for me. Kyle turned around said something to the other guy and then jogged towards me. I signaled a thank you to Sixteen.

"Hey! What's up?" Kyle said smiling widely. He was in the same total mess as the first time I saw him. Mud, grass and dirt stains all over.

"Hey, I'm sorry for calling you out like this," I said quickly then went right to the point, "Do you by any chance have Ethan's phone number?"

He blinked a few times like he was deciphering the question, "Um... No, sorry. He changed his number after we fought... I'm sorry. Is something wrong?"

"Probably nothing... he didn't come to school for the past two days and I was wondering."

"He does that sometimes. Ever since the accident he would vanish for a few days and then be back,", Kyle said

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