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First thing First;  Discover yourself!!!...

Life is a gift, but to revel in it, you must be ready to put a lot into nurturing yourself/being and skills.
Start early, start now. Learn to practice in order to master your skills(both weakness and strength).
Never.Ever.Stop.Focusing , whether in good or bad times. Be passionate about your work...and that could be a good start!

Have you got what it takes???

To the question above... Yes! Ofcourse.
Just prepare your mind...get ready to revel in it. You are the only one who can truthfully say something about yourself. The only problem we might have here is, you haven't got to know 100% of yourself.
    Whenever I read other people's success story, I feel overwhelmed and more so encouraged. You wanna know why? You probably have read most on the magazine, newspapers etc, these stories possess every bit of this; altitude, persistence, action, passion, and a slew of of other qualities. These stories unintentionally give us tips on how to be successful ourselves. Come think of it ...isnt those qualities what we really do need to be successful ourselves?

    Most people have been dragged into the make-believe world where things look a lot easier, when in reality it's not. Most things seen in the movies, magazines or even write-ups are harder than you think. Ok...let's see. You hear of the richest man in the world. You feel excited. You wanna be rich instantly. Now, you actually forget the true lesson or message of the story line. Have said you to yourself ' How did they become rich? How did they attain that height? What made them so popular amd well known?'

     You're in a world where you are not given or paid what you worked for or deserve but what you fight for, struggle for or stand for. Be careful and do things rightly.

     There is no one else like you in the entire world. You're the only true original of yourself. Learn to appreciate what makes you unique and use it to your best effect to get the great results you desire--- Know what works best for you!

What I think you must have...


      I would like to key into the old saying even though lately it's accuracy is being argued, ' Experience is the best teacher '
          It is in experience(whether personal or the one from others) you get knowledge. It should be noted that you need general knowledge, basic understanding, or better ideas that are presentable. In doing that you give your self a stage to perform. For example, in writing I need an experience to know what to write, how to organize my work, expressions etc. If I must sing, I should know what to sing, what type of music, how or what to compose, where to sing, my target audience, etc.

      Do you know there are lots of people out there who never went to a good school or even a university when they had their success story told?
What you need is knowledge, then you are going to have so much better chance.

      The formula for knowledge, which is the best way to learn, is studying the history of successes or failures in your industry or field. No knowledge is a waste! Just a little knowledge could catapult you to a very high level.
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        Right attitude! Yeah... You shouldn't expect to discover yourself or talent when you haven't made up your mind and you do nasty t things( let's say becoming drunk always, smoking, cheating, stealing, you know them) and cause problems to the society. You can't succeed when you have that non-chalant attitude.
There are so many advantages with keeping up a  good attitude.* A little story here...you know what to do...*

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