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"Son of a bitch." Niall cursed, dropping his suitcase on the ground.

"You almost got my toes!" Louis screeched.

Niall rolled his eyes, "Tell Harry to kiss them and make them better."

"Ew." Harry grimaced, putting his suitcase down, "That's gross, Niall."

Harry looked around at the cute room that he and Louis had booked together. Zayn and Liam were sharing with Niall because the blonde started rambling about not having anyone with him. Zayn sighed and told him they could book a room with two beds. Niall happily accepted.

They had found a cute cottage that they could rent for the weekened hours away from where they lived. Concerete turned to grass, cars and buses turned into birds. The sky wasn't covered by buildings and they could look up and see the clouds scattered in the blue sky.

It was their cottage on a property where different houses could be rented. They decided on a cottage well, Harry did, because he thought it was cute. Louis agreed automatically and told the others they were going to stay there or stay home. All three of them just rolled their eyes at Louis and went along with it.

The other three went to their room to get their things settled leaving Louis and Harry alone. As soon as the door shut behind Zayn, Louis walked over to Harry and pinned him against the wall.

"Louis, what are you doing?" Harry asked, a small smirk on his face.

"I'm going to kiss your stupid, cute face."

He leaned up on his tiptoes and pressed his lips to Harrys' and the taller boy instantly kissed him back. They wrapped their arms around each other and just melted against each other. Louis' hands were running up and down Harrys' back as Harrys' hands rested on the dip at Louis' lower back.

"You're so pretty." Louis whispered.

"You're prettier."

Louis snorted, "Lying bitch."

Harry grinned and poked his nose, "Nope."

Louis honestly couldn't get over how fucking cute Harry was.

"So," Harry asked, "How do you want to start this weekend off?"

Louis groaned, "You're telling me we can't just stay in the room and makeout?"

Harry laughed, "I'm sorry but we can't do that."

"Maybe we could go swimming for a bit and then go get something to eat."

"Sounds good to me."

Louis kissed him again.

It wasn't extremely hot but it was still uncomfortable. The pool felt incredible. Especially to Zayn since he didn't have to worry about something biting his feet. Niall talked about being able to swim without something swimming up his penis. A mom and dad glared at him but he just laughed and jumped in the water. Nialls' mouth was going to get them in trouble one day but Harry loved him anyway.

Harry rubbed some more sun screen onto Louis' back and tried to keep dirty thoughts out but it was hard when Louis sighed and moaned when Harrys' fingers dug a little too deep into his flesh. He may or may not have did that on purpose but still. Louis was beautiful and it was hard to not touch him. Harry just reminded himself that they were in a public place and finally finished without getting a boner.

"All good." Harry spoke, voice cracking.

Louis turned and smirkd at him, "Thanks, babe."

He stood up and took Harrys' hand who happily accepted. They weren't supposed to run or jump in the pool but Louis tugged Harry across the concerete and when he jumped in the pool he pulled Harry down with him.

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