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Daryl's pov

My eye fluttered open though my vision still blurry, I shook my head and I found Holland sitting beside her mom resting beside a well, this place looks familiar,we are in the woods

"Holland" I yelled and she looked up and I ran to her, she hugged me tightly and began Sobbing on my shirt

"It's okay but first we gotta get outta here " I said and she looked Me in the eye

"We can't, we've got security" she answered and her eyes darted to the hologram wolves snarling hungrily

"They are just holograms,they are illusions,they can't hurt us" I shrugged

"They might be holograms now but our injuries won't be" she replied and I sat next to her

I don't know what to do, I don't know what kind of alpha I am if I can't help my luna, am useless

We sat there till it was late, I checked my wristwatch and the time struck 12

"It's time" Holland sighed

The moon became full and my eyes turned red, my canine came out, I heard howling from a distance and then I remembered canasist

Thunder struck, the moon shone bright, the well opened and Holland dragged her mom away

The twins came and leventus took the hologram causing the wolves to vanish

Light came out of the well and a figure came out and was screaming while changing into different forms. The light died down and everywhere became quiet.


Every where became quiet and suddenly a figure screamed and waves pushed everybody causing us to hit our back on the trees.

A Naked young handsome man, came out of the well, with bright blue eyes, black hair, muscular body and a killer smirk.

He doesn't look bad but I concluded too soon

He walked slowly to leventus and raised him up with his neck using his left hand

"You...you...late" he said and threw leventus on a tree

And walked to leviathan

"You.......loyal" he placed his hand on leviathan's shoulders and leviathan shrieked

Like magic before my eyes the canasist took leviathan's figure and face causing it to be two leviathan's,  and then I remembered


Daryl's pov

I can't believe the magic trick that happened here, he took leviathan's figure?, Great now we have double trouble

Oh no triple trouble, Christian.

Christian's pov

On my way to Daryl's house, my eye changed to purple, my canine came out,and I howled, I began snarling and I needed blood

I tore my shirt and ran into the woods

I ran, jumping from trees to trees, leaving dust behind

I got to where daryl was I was held by a strong hand, a claw entered my neck,weakening my body and my eye closed shut.

Leviathan's2 pov (canasist)

I saw the luna, her alpha, mom and the newbie lying helplessly

I want them to be released so I could torture them, hunt them in their sleep, drain their life force. I wanna make them feel Hell on earth

Trish's pov

When the moon shone brighter than usual then I realised he's out.
The raging terror is out, the canasist is out.

Hey guys just decided to drop this cause I may be a little bit busy from now, but stay tuned cause now this is where the mere luna is gonna get hot.
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