Chapter 66: That Night, You Didn't Reject Me! That Night, I Hurt You!

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An Yize stiffened and his expression changed. In the end, he only sighed silently. He raised Su Jian’s face, lowered his head and kissed.

This time, his actions were gentler, not as hasty as before, so his actions were more emotional. Su Jian was kissed by him while his body was caressed by the hand beneath his clothes. Listening to the man and woman’s passionate moans, he slowly started heating up.

When he was at his hottest point, Su Jian let out a hurried breath and pushed An Yize down under him instinctively.

Rather than stopping his actions, An Yize went along with him and laid under Su Jian, letting Su Jian sit on him.

They slowly removed their clothes while they were entangled with each other. Su Jian sat naked on An Yize’s waist, low on breath. Suddenly, he lowered his head and buried it onto An Yize’s chest.

An Yize who was being sucked couldn’t help but took a deep breath. His eyes redden when he saw Su Jian’s long hair that was spreaded onto his chest.

After sucking and licking for a bit, Su Jian started mumbling to himself, “How small…”

An Yize was still feeling speechless when he felt a jolt of pain on his chest. Looking over, he saw that Su Jian had suddenly bitten him. Then, Su Jian stuck his tongue out to lick the wound.

An Yize could no longer bear it. With a sudden twist, he pressed Su Jian under him.

It was becoming hot in the room. In this small space, the panting continued to sound without an end. An Yize was afraid that they would be heard by the neighboring elders. Thus, he had been kissing Su Jian to control his voice. Fortunately, Su Jian was only panting unbearably, occasionally giving out a small moan that was a soft as a small kitten’s mew. However, it was this kind of sound that made An Yize heat up further.

Su Jian’s strong bite had made An Yize’s chest seep blood, but he didn’t take notice of it, only staring at the person in his embrace with a pair of red eyes.

Ji Mingfei’s words suddenly sounded in his ears: “Actually, there’s a simple and rough method. You just have to do her! When she has your child, she won’t bear to have a divorce.”

An Yize held Su Jian’s waist tightly with both of his hands. He just had to go one more step forward and the person below him will be his…

The veins in An Yize’s forehead bulged and the sweat on his face flowed down his jaw, dripping onto the snow white skin beneath him.

Jian Jian…

Sweating profusely, An Yize buried himself in with clenched teeth.


When Su Jian woke up, he didn’t know which night it was.

After staring blankly at the ceiling above him for a good while, he finally remembered. He had came back to sister Su’s hometown with An Yize and he is now lying on his “hometown” bed.

As Su Jian’s head hurt slightly, he couldn’t help but let out a soft groan. He was furrowing his brows when a pair of hands suddenly stretched over and gently rubbed his temples. At the same time, a low and gentle voice sounded in his ears. “Is it very uncomfortable?”

“A bit.” As Su Jian was used to waking up from An Yize’s embrace, he didn’t find anything out of place at the moment. Feeling slightly better from An Yize’s actions, he couldn’t help but lean towards An Yize’s embrace.

However, this lean of his made him realize that something was wrong. He was actually leaning onto a patch of warm skin! With a jolt, Su Jian looked up hurriedly, but was even more shocked by what he saw. It was as if he was struck by lightning!

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