Chapter Twenty-Two: There is only you.

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Chapter Twenty-Two: There is only you.

Monday night.

LYDIA waited for George at his jeep, not accepting his invitation to the locker rooms. Her heart was thumping with anticipation, sure they hung out before but this was an official date.

Their first date, her first official date and it's with him. She felt like this was a dream, life wasn't this kind.

George smiled as he pulled a t-shirt on. The team was ecstatic with the win and now they were all going out to celebrate till early morning. That fact that it was a school night didn't matter to them, they deserved to party till dawn.

Though not all the team was partying, the running back had a date to attend with a beauty, that has him wrapped around her finger.

"You sure man? Lydia wouldn't mind going to a party," Aaron said, shrugging on a hoodie. He was lying through his teeth, knowing well that parties weren't his sister's scene but he also knew she was different around George. More open to what life has to offer.

All the team wanted George there, he scored the winning touchdown tonight. In the second half the Bulldogs came back strong leaving the score level with five minutes to go.

They would've lost if George wasn't on their team. Grinning at his teammate George shook his head," we both know that's not true. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you are all capable of getting drunk without me."

Little did they know nothing would've changed his mind, he was going on this date.

And as he exited the locker rooms and saw the brunette girl running towards him with a grin, he'd never been surer of himself.

There was no one other than this girl for him.


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