Chapter 65: Are You Willing To Experience The Endless Beauty In This Boundless

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Chapter 65: Are You Willing To Experience The Endless Beauty In This Boundless World With Me?

Fortunately, other than the fact that Su Jian drank quite a bit of rice wine, their whole journey was relatively normal, allowing An Yize to relax slightly.

After eating, the couple stayed in the living room for a while to accompany the two elders to watch television. An Yize was sitting closely with Su Jian. When he saw Su Jian staring at the television, smiling quietly and looking obedient, he couldn’t help but take another look. On the contrary, when mother Su saw Su Jian blush while silently leaning on An Yize, she laughed, “Is Nan Nan tired? The two of you traveled far to come here, so you must be tired. Why don’t the two of you go to bed early?”

Su Jian did not move as he leaned on An Yize’s body.

An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in An Yize’s heart. Lightly shaking Su Jian, he called out, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian looked up slowly and gave him a glance. Then, he turned his head around to look at mother Su. Mother Su said affectionately, “Nan Nan, bring Xiao An in to rest. I have changed the bedding and blanket already.” After saying so, she looked apologetically at An Yize, “Xiao An, Nan Nan’s bed may be slightly small. I’m sorry that you have to put up with the inconvenience.”

An Yize replied to mother Su’s words politely, but he was worried about Su Jian in his heart. He didn’t know if Su Jian was drunk. Su Jian’s last drunken act had left a really deep shadow in his heart. Thus, he pulled Su Jian back into the room.

Su Jian’s room wasn’t big, but it was clean and refreshing. An Yize’s eyes deepened as he saw the bed that didn’t reach one point five meters. But when An Yize saw that Su Jian didn’t look opposed to sleeping on the same bed with him, his heart relaxed slightly.

Except for not talking, Su Jian was still acting normal. He washed his hands obediently on his own and sat on the bed.

Ever since they came back from mount Hua, An Yize had been leaving home early and returning late. At night, he also slept alone in the study room. Although he and Su Jian lived in the same house, they rarely met and talked. Even though they didn’t talk much in the past either, Su Jian was always relaxed in front of him and he felt comfortable looking at Su Jian’s eyes flying about. But now, it was awkward between the two of them, making him feel slightly regretful. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was disturbed by Su Jian’s crying look as he stared at the man in the computer screen that night, he wouldn’t had the intention to confess. Ji Yan’s rejection had left a very deep impression in him so he had intended to stay safe. However, although he wasn’t certain if Su Jian would respond to him positively, he didn’t expect Su Jian to tell him so directly: “It’s just that I don’t like you.”

When he was rejected by Ji Yan, he was hurt and sad. However, he didn’t feel that it was sudden due to the pain and sadness he had been feeling all the while. But it was different for Su Jian. What Su Jian brought him was a comfortable feeling that was totally different from the pain that Ji Yan brought him. Although he was sometimes speechless and frustrated, Su Jian was the first to let him know that when you like someone, it shouldn’t be completely exhausting and hurting. There should also be peace and warmth.

Therefore, when Su Jian said “It’s just that I don’t like you”, he wasn’t prepared for it at all. At that instance, he was at a loss.

However, he didn’t think of giving up. Therefore, when they returned home, he purposely avoided Su Jian. He neither wanted to see Su Jian’s apologetic look nor did he want his mood to affect Su Jian.

Now that he was facing Su Jian again in this small room, he couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of relief.

He looked into Su Jian’s eyes quietly, his eyes gentle.

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