Chapter 64: Don't Be Angry, Don't Be Angry! My Love For You Can Be Testified

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Chapter 64: Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Be Angry! My Love For You Can Be Testified By Heaven And Earth, You Must Believe In Me!

Su Jian didn’t expect such an episode to appear.

After hanging up the phone, Su Jian consulted Yan Ziwei about sister Su’s family matters. Yan Ziwei asked, “Xiao Jian, do you not intend to tell auntie that you have lost your memories?”

Su Jian answered hesitantly, “I don’t think I should tell her for now. After all, she… my mother is still ill.”

Yan Ziwei told Su Jian about her family situation as well as mother Su’s personality. Su Jian took note of the details quietly. Perhaps he had taken note of it too seriously, but he actually dreamed about it that night.

In his dream, he brought An Yize home. However, he didn’t bring An Yize to sister Su’s house, but to his own house.

His father, mother and brother were all waiting in the house. As for him, Su Jian was dressed like a male, looking dignified.

The male him held An Yize’s hands as they silently approached his parents. Then, they kneeled on the floor. “Father, mother, your son has let the two of you down! Your son has found the two of you a male wife!”

Father Su trembled with anger. “You unfilial son!” After he said that, he raised up his chair to hit Su Jian.

Su Jian lowered his head and prepared himself silently for the hit. However, he did not expect An Yize to throw himself over his body, exclaiming, “Don’t hurt Jian Jian!”

Father Su shouted angrily, “Get out! Our family does not welcome a cheap person like you who seduces our son!”

“Uncle, please let me and Jian Jian be together!” An Yize’s face was full of bitterness. “I… I already carry Jian Jian’s flesh and blood…”

When Su Jian was brushing his teeth the next morning, he recalled the strange dream he had last night. Su Jian was so shocked he swallowed the mouthwash. Parting ways with Yan Ziwei, when he reached home and saw An Yize, Su Jian took a glance at An Yize’s tummy unconsciously.

Su Jian couldn’t help but felt surprised when he saw that An Yize had stayed at home instead of going to the office. On the contrary, when An Yize saw him, his reaction was the same as usual. His reaction was extremely natural, as if he hadn’t been avoiding Su Jian for the past few days but really was working overtime. Su Jian had no desire to increase the awkwardness between the two of them. Thus, he tried his best to act natural like it was on any of their previous days, treating An Yize purely as a friend.

Su Jian: “You’re back?”

An Yize: “En.”

Su Jian: “Have you eaten?”

An Yize: “En.”

Su Jian: “Can’t you change your reply?”

An Yize: “Have you eaten?”

Su Jian: “……”

At night, An Yize continued sleeping in the study room. Su Jian was used telling him matters when they lie on bed at night. This time, however, he wasn’t used to it anymore. He could only run to the study room.

An Yize was currently using the computer. Seeing Su Jian enter, he looked up at him.

Su Jian tried to act natural as he walked in. When he saw that An Yize’s computer was currently playing a suspense movie, he said, “Oh, you are watching this movie too! I like this too! The ending was very classic! At that time, I had never expected that this white man was actually the hidden big boss!”

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