Chapter 63: If I Really Had To Choose A Man, I Would Rather Be With An Yize.

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Chapter 63: If I Really Had To Choose A Man, I Would Rather Be With An Yize. At Least I’m Familiar With Him!

Looking at the shameless chain of comments, Su Jian felt helpless: Nowadays, when a man and woman have some romantic contact, their reputations take a hit. Yet, when two men get together, everyone is happy. What kind of double standard is this?

Su Jian was still sighing when a message suddenly appeared on his idle QQ account. Su Jian gave it a glance and saw that it was actually from Yan Ziwei.

Call Me Queen: Su Xiao Jian, are you there?

World Sad Champion: I’m here!

Call Me Queen: It’s so late and you’re still not asleep?

World Sad Champion: Can’t sleep.

Call Me Queen: Hmm? It seems like there is something going on. Tell me quickly!

World Sad Champion: Haha, there’s nothing. I just don’t feel like sleeping.

Call Me Queen: Don’t feel like spilling the beans? Nevermind. If you don’t want to tell me on qq, then you can tell me face to face! By the way, this queen is currently on hiatus. Therefore, I specially order the lowly servant Jian to come and accompany this queen to cure my boredom!

World Sad Champion: As your majesty wishes!

Call Me Queen: Hmm, you’re gaining a sense of humor. Looks like this marriage has some advantages!

What does a sense of humor have to do with marriage? An Yize’s expressionless face popped up in Su Jian’s head, making him curse silently. However, his fingers moved about the keyboard, arranging a time to meet Yan Ziwei.

On the day they were supposed to go play, Su Jian rushed over to the meeting place after getting off work and had a meal with Yan Ziwei. After the meal, Yan Ziwei whisked him away to her house without any explanation.

“We haven’t met for so long; don’t you miss me at all? That person at home isn’t your real husband anyway, it wouldn’t hurt not going home for a day would it? Sleep with me today!”

“Uh, are you, saying that we are sleeping on the same bed?”

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to?”

“That’s not it!”

Su Jian had an innocent face on but his heart was becoming pervertedly excited: For the first time in his life, he is going to share a bed with a girl, and such a beautiful girl to boot! After sharing a bed and pillow with a man like An Yize for so long and after the mess caused by An Yize’s sudden confession, he can finally walk towards his normal, bright future!

Su Jian made a phone call back home. The housekeeper answered the call.Su Jian had only wanted to ask the housekeeper to inform An Yize that he wouldn’t be returning tonight. However, before he asked, he slipped in a question that surprised himself, “Is Yize back?”

The housekeeper replied, “Third young master is not back yet.”

Su Jian’s mood slightly soured, his tone revealing a bit of his mood. “Uncle Wang, when he returns, tell him that I’m not going back tonight!”

When he followed Yan Ziwei back to her home, Su Jian first looked around curiously at a girl’s novel and clean apartment. Then, he sat down happily on the sofa with Yan Ziwei and started chatting.

A row of snacks were arranged on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Yan Ziwei lamented as she picked through the packets, “I can finally give my stomach something to work on! Do you know just how much I suffered for this drama? As you know, I was supposed to act as a sad girl for this drama. In order to look emaciated, I had to starve myself everyday! For someone like me who can become fat just from drinking water, do you know just how much of a torture the diet was?!”

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