Chapter 62:Su Jian Realized That An Yize Does Not Seem To Care About Him Anymore

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An Yize didn’t speak for a long time.

The mountain breeze whistled by, bringing the cool air from the rain. The two of them looked at each other silently. Suddenly, other than the sound of the wind, there was only silence.

An Yize lowered his eyes. His face was the same as usual, devoid of expression. However, Su Jian was familiar with him and could tell that it wasn’t the usual facial paralysis. Instead, he looked… really sad.

Until to now, he had seen An Yize’s speechlessness and his smile. He had seen An Yize’s anger and his gentleness. However, he had never seen An Yize look so quiet and lonely.

Su Jian didn’t think that he was an empathetic person. Nevertheless, he wasn’t sure why he felt uncomfortable when he saw An Yize like this.

In his life, he had never been truly liked by a girl. Meanwhile, this man who he had always treated as a love rival had numerous girls in love with him. However, he was rejected twice by the people he liked. Between the two of them, Su Jian didn’t know whose love life was more tragic.

In this atmosphere, Su Jian didn’t know what to say. He could only call out awkwardly, “Let’s go.” Then, he took the lead and walked away first.

After they came down from Xifeng, the two of them did not go anywhere else and went straight back to Jin Suo Guan. They walked down the road they used on the first day and returned to Canglong Ridge. Then, they turned towards the “Zhi Qu Hua Shan Dao” and headed down the mountain.

Su Jian specifically chose this road to climb down the mountain, trying his best to avoid using the same as the road they took up the mountain. He had wanted to show off to An Yize. However, looking at the situation the two of them were in right now, he could only shut his mouth in embarrassment and lead the way.

Initially, the road was relatively flat. However, Su Jian’s leg was turning sore because he had climbed the mountain for all of yesterday. The pain was very obvious when he climbed down the mountain. Thus, even though it was a relatively flat road, it was still torturous to walk. However, looking at An Yize’s silence, Su Jian could only deal with it and kept quiet.

Nevertheless, the further they walked, the steeper the road and the greater the danger became. Additionally, the rocks were all slippery from the rain. There were many times where Su Jian had to turn around and climb down backwards while holding on to the metal railings. As for An Yize, he had been descending while facing forward the entire time so it was inevitable that Su Jian would face him. Su Jian peeked at him only to see An Yize with his usual calm face, without any expression. However, just as Su Jian looked over, the other person happened to look at him as well.

Su Jian said flatly, “The road is slippery, haha.”

An Yize nodded his head silently, not saying anything as usual.

Su Jian felt that this atmosphere was too awkward. Therefore, he tried his best to pick up his pace, walking to the front in one breath and distancing himself from An Yize. Turning around a corner, he looked behind secretly and realised that An Yize could no longer be seen. He relaxed his shoulders and spat out a huge breath.

To be honest, he was the one who had achieved victory. It should have been the time for him to feel proud, so why did he feel more pathetic right now? Su Jian looked towards the distant mountain and gave a long sigh: I’m feeling guilty even though I’m dealing with my love rival. Indeed, I am born pure and kind!

Su Jian continued walking forward with his head drooped. However, when he went down the stone stairs, he slipped and fell hard because the stairs was slippery with pools of rainwater. Fortunately, the stone stairs only had three steps. He didn’t fall too far, but his butt still hit the floor hard and the hand he stuck out in a panic was cut by a sharp rock beside the path. After a moment, blood slowly trickled out.

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