Chapter 3

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I Quickly Shut My Locker, And Ran To The Bathroom . I Don't Know Why, But I Been Throwing Up All Morning, And At This Point I Just Wanted This Whole Pregnancy To Be Over .

"Honey, Are You Ok?" A Voice Of A Woman Asked .

"Ye- Yes, I'm Fine" I Said, Continuing To Throw Up In The Toilet .

"Are You Sure? Do You Want Me To Go Get The Nurse?" She Asked In A Worried Tone .

"I'm Sure" I Said, Sitting On The Floor, Wiping My Mouth With Tissue, Trying To Catch My Breath .

I Looked Up Under The Bathroom Stall To See If The Woman Was Still There, And She Was . She Continued Standing There As If She Didn't Want To Leave Me, Knowing I Was Throwing Up .

"If You Need Anything, My Name Is Mrs. Hall, And My Office Is Right Across From The Music Room" She Said .

"Ok, Thank You" I Said .

"No Problem" She Said, As She Begin To Make Her Way Out Of The Bathroom .

I Sat There For Another Few Minutes . I Didn't Feel Like Going To Class, Actually, I Didn't Feel Like Doing Anything, At All .

Whew Chile, This Baby Is Really Kicking My Ass Today .

"I Want Everybody To Get Out Their Packets That I Assigned Last Week . I Want Y'all To Work On That, While I Get Some Grades Put It" Mr. Simpson Said, As He Took A Seat At His Desk .

"Maliyah, Are You Doing Ok? You Don't Look So Good" He Said, Giving Me A Worried Expression .

"Yeah, I'm Ok" I Said . I Slowly Unzipped My Backpack, Then Pausing, Noticing My Hand Was Shaking . I Just Shook It Off Though .

After Awhile, The Bell Had Rang To Go To Lunch . Everyone Rushed Out Of The Classroom, Leaving Me To Be The Last One .

I Slowly Grabbed My Backpack And Made My Way Out Of The Classroom, As Mr. Simpson's Eyes Followed .

As I Walked Down The Hallway, Christa Came Walking Up Beside Me .

"Hey Mama" She Said, Smiling .

Soon Her Whole Expression Changed, When She Looked At Me .

"What's Wrong?" She Asked In A Worried Tone .

I Glanced At Her, Then Back To Looking Forward .

I Begin To Feel Hot, And Dizzy . My Heart Started To Beat Ten Times Faster Than It Was, And I Could Hardly Breathe .

"Maliyah? Maliyah!" Christa Yelled .

Soon, I Just Blacked Out . I Don't Know What Happened, I Just Blacked Out .

After Awhile, I Had Woke Up To The Sounds Of Beeping, And Machines . I Barely Opened My Eyes, Seeing That I Was Laying In A Hospital Bed, With An IV In My Arm .

Mama, And Christa Were Here . They Had Their Backs Turned Towards Me As They Spoke With A Man, Who Had To Be The Doctor .

"Is She Gonna Be Ok?" Christa Asked, Sounding As If She Had Been Crying .

"She'll Be Fine" The Doctor Said .

"So What Is It? What's Going On? Why Did She Pass Out?" Mama Questioned, Sounding Worried .

"Well.. We Saw That She Was Very Dehydrated, And Her Being Pregnant-" The Doctor Tried To Explain, But Mama Cut Him Off . My Heart Instantly Begin To Beat Faster And Faster .

"What?! Pregnant? Doc, I Think You Got The Wrong Person . You Pulled Up The Wrong Information.." She Said, Letting Out A Dry Laugh .

"No.. I Believe I Have The Right Person . Maliyah Williams, Right?"

She Slowly Turned Her Back, As I Closed My Eyes . I Could Feel Her Eyes Burning A Hole Through Me .

My Ass Is Grass Man .

An Hour Later, I Decided To Fake Wake Up . I Couldn't Fake Sleep Anymore, Especially Knowing That Mama Was Gone Beat My Ass . I Would Rather Get It Done And Over With, Than Keep Stalling, Knowing It's Coming .

"Oh Look Who's Up" Mama Said In A Smart Tone, As She Stood Over Me .

"Hey, You Feeling Better?" Christa Asked, As She Stood Up From The Couch .

I Shook My Head, Yes .

She Glanced At Mama, Then Back At Me .

"Good, Well I Have To Get Going . Chris Is At Home Waiting For Me, And We Have To Help Grandma With Some Things So"

"Ok, I'll Call You" I Said .

"Pshh, She'll Be Calling You Alright" Mama Said, Under Her Breath .

"Oh, And Thank You!" I Said Before Christa Made Her Way Out Of The Room .

Mama Slowly Picked Up The Cup Of Water And Handed It To Me .

"Drink Some Water" She Said, As She Stared Me .

I Took A Few Sips Of The Water, Then Handed The Cup Back To Her .

We Sat In Silence For A Few Until She Sat Down In A Chair, That Was Beside The Bed .

"So When Were You Going To Tell Me?" She Asked, Looking Away From My Direction .

"Tell You What?" I Asked . She Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"Maliyah, Don't Play Stupid"

"I'm Not"

"About You Being Pregnant" She Said, As She Looked At Me With Tears In Her Eyes .

"Huh? When Were You Going To Tell Me?" She Asked .

"Mama I-"

"How Could You? Why? Like What The Fuck Maliyah . I Swear, I Swear I Thought We Talked About This Man . Matter Of Fact, Fuck All Of That, Who's The Father?" She Asked . I Kept Quiet, As I Looked Down .

"Please Don't Tell Me It's That Boy Who Put His Hands On You.." She Said . I Continued To Keep Quiet, And Look Down . I Didn't Wanna Tell Her That John Is The Father, And I Couldn't Look At Her, I Just Couldn't .

"Answer Me Maliyah!" She Raised Her Voice .

"Ye- Yeah, He's The Father" I Said As I Took A Hard Ass Swallow .

"And Have You Told Him Yet?" She Asked, As She Put Her Hand On Her Hip .

"Yeah" I Said, As My Voice Faded Away . Tears Begin To Build Up In My Eyes .

"And What Did He Say?"

"He Said He's Not Ready For A Baby Right Now, So He Chose Not To Stick Around, For Me Or The Baby" I Said . She Rubbed Her Face With Her Hands, As She Sighed .

I Couldn't Lie To Her .

"I Just- I Am So Disappointed In You . I Can't Believe This . I Just Wanna Fuck You Up, Right Now!... The Doctor Wants You To Stay Overnight . So When You Get Home Tomorrow, I Want You To Pack Up All Of Your Shit And Get The Fuck Out Of My House . I Don't Care Where You Go, But You Not Staying With Me" She Said, As She Grabbed Her Purse, And Made Her Way Out Of The Room .

I Sat There For A Minute, And Thought About What She Just Said . Soon, Tears Begin To Build Up .

Is She Forreal? She Can't Be Forreal . No, That's My Mama . She Wouldn't Never Do Anything Like That, She's Just Mad Right Now . At Least, I Hope So .

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