Chapter 60: Jian Jian, I Like You

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An Yize didn’t say anymore. His fluttering heart suddenly felt heavy and exhausted.

The man on the other mountain didn’t make any more noise, so Su Jian could only stop shouting. He picked up the earphones that he and An Yize were wearing again.

The earphones played a Chinese song.

“All my life it was difficult to get a sincere love

You only wanted to follow your logic

You weren’t keen on listening to us

Fa Hai you don’t know love

Leifeng Pagoda[1] can fall down……”

An Yize’s face was blank as he looked at the phone in his hand and shifted his gaze to the quiet and lovable person.

An Yize asked, “What are you doing?”

“Making a post on Weibo!” Su Jian delightedly said, “Who knew that there would still be signal at the summit of Mount Hua! Haha, not everyone can experience using the net on the summit of Mount Hua. I must boast about it on Weibo!”

An Yize: “……”


An Yize had a sour mood during the journey down from the east summit until the two reached their room.

Initially Su Jian didn’t realize it, but after they reached the room, he noticed that An Yize had actually not uttered a single sound, and he didn’t look at him at all. Finally, he probed, “Tired?”

An Yize gave an “Mhm”.

Su Jian said with deep concern for his companion, “Go rest earlier if you’re tired!”

An Yize turned his head and looked into the room that had two beds. He only felt his heart become even stuffier.

Su Jian booked this room and he didn’t feel that was wrong at all, so he quickly chose his favorite bed. “I want to sleep on the outer side!”

An Yize appeared to have no opinion; however, when Su Jian went to take a shower, he secretly splashed the water in the cup onto his own bed.

When Su Jian finished showering and saw that the other bed was wet, he was stunned, “How did it get like that?”

An Yize indifferently said, “I accidentally spilled water on it.”

Su Jian moved towards the bed to inspect it. He realised that it couldn’t be remedied, and said with a scrunched up face, “Do you want to change rooms?”

“No need.” An Yize said, “At this time, the hotel might not have other rooms. Moreover, you still have another bed right here, it’s not like you can’t sleep.”

Su Jian thought about it, and he also felt that this wasn’t the first time he slept with An Yize on the same bed. Besides, the nights on the summit would be cold, so perhaps it would be better and a little warmer if they huddled together.

If there was only one person sleeping on the bed, the mattress would still be spacious. But if there were two people, the bed would inevitably be a little cramped. When Su Jian and An Yize laid on the bed, their bodies were stuck closely to each other.

An Yize stretched his arms out to embrace him, but Su Jian couldn’t help but be a little stiff. Although he was usually in An Yize’s embrace every morning, this was still the first time he was hugged to sleep by An Yize when he was awake. However, it was still a familiar hug, so Su Jian quickly relaxed. Furthermore, An Yize’s body was comfortably warm so Su Jian couldn’t help but extend his hands to feel up his chest. Helatently said, “Yize, your body is really warm, you sure are a hot-blooded youth!”

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