Chapter 58: Actually, I'm A Guy

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Naturally, Su Jian didn’t know any Lu Chenghe. However, he had to act like he had lost his memories. At a loss, he said, “Sorry, I really don’t remember. Are you my friend?”

“Friend?” The man chewed on that word and laughed wryly, “We are not just…”

The man had yet to finish his sentence when Su Jian suddenly exclaimed, “Please excuse me, I have to get home! Let’s meet again!” A taxi was currently driving over. The time now was when most people were getting off work and it was also raining. Therefore, it would be difficult for Su Jian to take the bus. Su Jian finally saw an empty taxi. Naturally, he would not let it go. Hence, Su Jian bid his farewell hurriedly.

The man held the umbrella and stood in the rain. As he watched Su Jian enter the car and disappear in the rain, a faint light quietly flashed past his eyes.


Su Jian got home. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the man earlier looked familiar. However, he just couldn’t remember where he had seen him before.

It was only when Su Jian switched on his computer and came across a file coincidentally that his eyes suddenly lit up. That’s right, he remembered where he had seen that person before. It was in sister Su’s hard disk! Su Jian’s heart jumped. Opening the file named “photo” in the computer, he clicked on the file named “him”.

As expected, the man’s face was inside every photo in the file. In most of the photos, Su Jian was either looking gentle or shy or smiling sweetly by his side.

sh*t! It was actually her boyfriend! Su Jian was shocked.

When he first saw the photos, he was worried about what to do if sister Su’s love came looking for him. However, after he thought about it, sister Su was already married to An Yize. He was afraid the two of them could no longer be together. Additionally, this person never appeared afterwards. Thus, Su Jian tossed this person to the back of his head. Who would have thought he would actually meet the ex-boyfriend today!

Su Jian stared at the screen which showed photos of sister Su with the man called Lu Chenghe upsetly and sniffed his nose. The last two days were cold. He didn’t wear much and had slight cold symptoms. Today, he happened to be drenched by the rain. Therefore, his cold became worse. Su Jian kept feeling as if his snot was flowing out.

Pulling out a tissue, Su Jian was going to blow his nose when he suddenly heard a voice behind him. “Who is he?”

Su Jian was startled. Turning around hurriedly, he saw An Yize whom he didn’t know had come in, standing behind him.

Su Jian couldn’t take it and sniffed his nose again, his voice a little hoarse due to the cold. “When did you come back?”

An Yize gave him a glance. Then, he looked back at the photos on the screen again, his brows gradually knitting.

Su Jian looked at what he was looking at. “I don’t know this person too. I don’t remember at all.” Hesitating for a moment, he added, “However, I saw him on my way home today.”

An Yize’s mood sank. “What did he say?”

Su Jian shook his head. “He didn’t say much. It’s just that he was shocked when I said I lost my memories and don’t remember him.”

An Yize’s mood sank further.

Su Jian did not notice at all. Closing the photos, he started scrolling through the forum.

However, his cold seemed to be getting worse. His entire airway was becoming uncomfortable. Ever since his rebirth, Su Jian had never gotten such a cold. Thus, it was the first time Su Jian realized that when this body got a cold, not only would he have a runny nose, he would actually tear up involuntarily as well!

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