Chapter 57

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Okay, so I’m back now and sorted all the shit that was going on out, and so now that its summer and I have so much time on my hands because everyone loves me that much I should be able to upload every other day or maybe even daily, and, I want to get this story finished before school starts in September so I can upload my new story too :3

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Surprisingly, Matt hadn’t dragged me out of the school as I had expected. He hadn’t grabbed my arms and pulled me, shoved me in the car and angrily slammed the doors as was quintessential for him to do.

He was quiet.

He politely walked beside me, smiling a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he quietly closed the door to the building and dragged his feet back to his car where he unlocked the door and got in, starting the engine only after I had sat down and fastened my seatbelt.

I kenw that it wasn’t going to be good when we got home, worsened perhaps by the fact that it was Derricks day off and so I expected he and my mum to be rather busy.

I drummed my fingers against the dashboard of his car as he pulled away – something that I habitually did, and something that habitually pissed him off. But, as I did it, he didn’t react in the slightest as if he hadn’t even noticed.

His normal primary action of turning on the car radio didn’t happen either, and we sat in silence for the longest thirty minutes of my life. Overthinking as usual, I prayed that nobody would ask where I had gotten it from, and it was only a good thing that my dad hadn’t already. I kenw that it was eventual though.

We pulled up outside the house, and my dad silently pulled in behind Derrick’s car and shut off the engine. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t do anything. We both just sat there.

I soon pierced the festering silence with the click of my seatbelt, the sound of the fabric returning to its normal position in the car a mere echo as we continued to sit there. I didn’t want to say anything – I didn’t know what to say.

It wasn’t until my mum appeared in the living room window, shrugging her shoulders at my dad before he also unfastened his seatbelt and we opened the car doors, emerging quickly, his rage blatantly beginning to return.

His footsteps got heavier as he approached the front door, ripping it away from the frame and stepping inside, not even bothering to turn to see that I was behind him as he slammed it.

I swallowed, pressing down on the handle and letting myself in the house, immediately greeted by my mum, dad and derrick all standing in the hallway. My mum was glancing between the two of us awkwardly, opening her mouth slowly to start talking.

“She’s been suspended” my dad announced before she could even speak. “Suspended for getting pissed and stoned in the toilets.”

Val’s mouth closed immediately. Whatever she had been about to say, she didn’t. Probably because of the fact that she noticed the anger in Matt’s body language.

“Don’t you even have anything to fucking say?!”


Fucking hell Val, come on. You’re not deaf. She got suspended for drinking and smoking weed” he snapped, ripping my phone and iPod out of his jean pocket. “And I’ve taken these things off her! She’s not getting them back either!”

I watched him as he angrily smashed them to the floor, standing on them with his shoe and smashing them even more so. I wasn’t stupid and knew to keep absolutely quiet, and apparently, so did my mum.

I stared down at my hands, avoiding the gaze of everyone as they all fell on me.

“And apparently” Matt continued. “To top it all fucking off, she was the one who provided her friends with the junk. Where could she have even gotten that from?!”

I swallowed again. That was the exact thing I hadn’t wanted him to wonder.

“Don’t you even have anything to say to your daughter?!”

Val blinked at me. Like my dad’s initial reaction, it wasn’t anger, or annoyance. It was pure disappointment. Especially with everything that had occurred in the family, I didn’t expect either of them to expect anything from me.

I chewed the sides of my mouth, successfully managing to avoid tears collecting in my eyes as I stared at her.

“Where--” she whispered, stopping slightly to compose herself. “Where did you get them?”

Closing my eyes, I could see feel their gazes as they fell like daggers onto my face, reading every muscle moment of my mouth as I slowly opened my eyes and my mouth at the same time to speak. I tried to talk, to say my dad’s name, but I couldn’t.

But then I thought of Midge. I thought of Midge and what would happen to her if I didn’t tell them.

But still, the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth so I instead turned my body to face my dad.

“No” he snapped immediately, his voice cracking. “No fucking way. No I didn’t. You know I didn’t.”

“But you did” I whispered quietly. “You know you did.”

My mum scoffed immediately.

“Charlotte” his voice came out all staccato and confused. “I…I…what? No…no…I don’t know…”

I blinked at him, and it was apparently convincing enough for my mum because she immediately strutted up to my dad, standing to face him and swiping her hand clean across his cheek, the hallway echoing with the slapping sound as he just stood there, numb.

I thought that I had made him disappointed at school, but now that was all beginning to seem an understatement to the sheer look of disappointment that dripped from every orifice of his face.

I ran a hand through my hair, watching the fight between my parents unfold before me.

“How could you?! How dare you?! She’s only sixteen and you could have gotten her expelled!” My mum shouted, hitting him again repeatedly as he tried to move away, only being stopped when Derrick stepped forward to pull her away from him.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done, what I was still about to do. I knew that it wasn’t too late to change everything – it wasn’t too late to renounce what I had just said and tell the truth. My dad would have believed me – he knew what Alex and Jade were like, and I was about to until I happened to glance at the wall. At some of the framed photos my mum had placed up on the wall.

There was one of Midge as a little kid, her hair tied up and smiling widely – not a care in the world. I hadn’t ever seen her so happy. And then there was another beside it of her at my Uncle Zacky’s engagement party a few months before I had arrived.

She looked miserable, to put it nicely. And the first thought that came across my mind was that they had done it to her. Alex, Jade, Shaun and whoever else. They had hurt her irrevocably and I had to protect her from it happening again. And so I said nothing else.

“Charlotte” my dad snapped me out of my little day dream. “Charles, baby, how could you say that? I didn’t. You know I didn’t. do you know how much trouble this could get me in?”

I shrugged.

“Come on Charles, you’re my little girl, why would I do that.”

I avoided his gaze.

“Get out of this house right now” my mum’s voice projected, making the cracks all clearly visible. “Get out of this house and get away from our daughter.”

He blinked, mouthing ‘Charles’ over and over again to me. But I did nothing.

He sighed, a sudden look of defeat sweeping across his face before he began to nod. “Okay. Yep. Fine.” He turned to me. “I hope you realise that whatever was salvageable in our relationship is no longer that way. You and I are done. Completely. Everything I’ve ever done for you…all those hours I spent finding you, everything I sacrificed” he stopped himself, looking up at my mum more lovingly than I had ever seen him do so. “It’s done.”

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