Chapter 20: Drunkenness


Whoooaa!! Heyy!! It’s a new chapter!! :D Finally! Thanks for being patient with me and supporting me! It’s all great!! :D

Alrighty, now if you look to the right, you will see the gorgeous picture of a man. The man I now have decided will be Sebastian (or Bash<3). Don’t get me wrong, Dustin Charapata is HOT, but this new guy, Vladimir Ivanov…mmmhmmmh! And he fits my descriptions of Sebastian better…for me anyhoo hahaha. So there he is, the new Sebastian! Now played by the GORGEOUS Vladimir Ivanov <3



            For me, anger is usually the emotion of mine that flares up the quickest. Little things can piss me off, and when I’m off, I’m off like a rocket. Alarm and confusion rarely happen to me. Or, well, they used to rarely happen to me. Now they seem to zip up just as quickly as my anger used to.

            Anger. Alarm. Confusion. All very strong emotions. Handling one can be a little difficult. Handling all three? A fucking nightmare.

            And right now, it certainly feels like I’m in a nightmare.

            I’m awake at like three in the morning. I’m at a party, where everyone seems to be drunk. I’m supposed to be taking stupid idiot Sebastian MacCrain home, but I’m failing. And the worst part? I’ve just been cornered in the crowd by a smug Mariah, a snooty Nyssa, and a very shirtless Abel.

            Three emotions for three people? Not entirely.

            I’m angry at stupid Mariah for bringing Nyssa over. What an idiot! I’m angry at Nyssa because…well, she’s Nyssa, I’m bound to be pissed at her. I’m angry at Abel because he needs to put a damn shirt on! I’m angry at myself because I need to get over the fact that Abel isn’t wearing a shirt!

            The confusion and alarm are mainly for Abel. Because, why is he over here? It’s alarming and confusing all at once.

            As we stand in the middle of a drunken crowd, I’m not exactly sure what to do. They seriously just stopped here like barely half a second ago, and I’m just standing here gazing back and forth between them, debating what to do. Well…not so much gazing between them rather than catching myself looking Abel’s freaking gorgeousness and forcing myself to look at Mariah and Nyssa.

            I can feel that an awkward silence is coming on, but I refuse to be the one to break it.

            The three seem to finally notice each other and blink. Mariah’s green eyes go wide and then a dazzling smile plasters over her face as she takes in Abel. Nyssa checks him out quickly and seems interested, but isn’t grinning like a crazy like Mariah. Abel blinks, checks them out, frowns, then looks at me.

            There’s about three seconds of awkward silence before anyone says a thing, and I’d vowed earlier that I was NOT gonna be the one to break the awkward silence. Then Nyssa opens her big fat mouth.

            “Well,” Her brown eyes flicker to Abel and then back to me, like she was going to win something. “Hellooo, Abel,” She then promptly eye fucks him.

            A feel a sting of jealously stab me. Damn. I see what she’s doing. She’s showing off that she can do something to someone like Abel and get away with it, even have them like it. Grr. Wouldn’t mind introducing her face to a blender some time…

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