Chapter 56: "What Are You Doing?" "Fighting Aircrafts."

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After reaching home and getting off the car, An Yize automatically carried the large teddy bear and bouquet of cartoon piglets. However, he insisted on making Su Jian carry the roses by himself.

Su Jian carried the bouquet to their room. From the beginning till the end, he felt strange. He had lived for almost thirty years. He didn’t have the chance to give a girl a rose, yet he got two bouquets of roses in a single day. This was too laughable!

On the contrary, An Yize was calm. He placed the teddy bear on the sofa. Then, he placed the cartoon piglet bouquet beside the roses.

After they finished dinner, Su Jian started lying on the sofa and used his phone. He had been reading a novel recently. The male protagonist fought with monsters, rose in rank gathered girls, and his golden finger[1] shined very brightly. Su Jian read until the part where the male protagonist and a girl were having deep feelings for one another and he was about to enter the exciting part when someone suddenly tapped him lightly.

Interrupted, Su Jian looked up with dissatisfaction only to see An Yize standing in front of him, faintly saying, “Go and take a bath.”

Su Jian who would soon be at the most critical part was not happy about being interrupted. However, having looked at the phone without moving for more than an hour, his eyes were indeed a little uncomfortable. His body was also feeling sore from lying down. Adding on to the fact that An Yize was looking at him with a “you should listen” expression, Su Jian could only put down his phone temporarily and get up with discontent.

An Yize took an English novel out and started reading on the sofa. However, he hadn’t flipped past two pages when he couldn’t help but rub the space between his brows.

He wasn’t sure if that person was feeling happy celebrating the festival and receiving the gifts, but that person in the bathroom started humming as he bathed. Although it wasn’t very loud and it could barely be heard, that tune that could go straight to space still entered his ears…

He finally set his heart to continue reading and slowly got submerged in reading the book. However, the phone by his side suddenly sounded.

It was the sound of a message. An Yize’s sight slightly shifted and saw Su Jian’s phone by his side.

After hesitating for a moment, he took the phone up and slid it open unknowingly.

A message suddenly popped up.

“Do you like the flowers I gifted you? In my heart, you are the most beautiful rose. In your eyes I may be just a simple student, but in my heart, you are not only my teacher. Dear, happy festival!”

An Yize’s did not cover up his expression as it turned cold.

He looked at the sender but it only said the phone number and had no name. An Yize glanced at the bathroom. Then, he pressed the “delete” button expressionlessly.

Su Jian just happened to finish bathing. Because he was anxious to read the novel, he forgot to bring his clothes to the bathroom when he went to bathe. Thus, he could only wrap himself with a towel and came out. Since he was now familiar with An Yize, he did not have to treat him as an outsider. Therefore, he didn’t feel stressed and he came out openly.

However, when he looked up and saw An Yize holding his phone, he no longer felt calm. He stared and asked, “Why are you holding on to my phone?” Your mom! I remembered that before I went to bathe, the male protagonist and his girl were almost going to zero distant interaction. Don’t tell me An Yize saw that?

As an adult, he had full qualification to read □□. But the thought of reading the same R18 novel as An Yize made him felt strange for some reason.

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