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Author's Note

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The story you're about to read has been selected for Wattpad's Paid Stories program. Having been a writer on Wattpad for almost four years now, I am super excited to be a part of this community and hope you can get on board with my excitement too.

What does this mean for the author?

It means that readers will be able to support my work by paying to unlock future chapters and that I can make money from writing (the first four chapters will be free). Because of this, I will be able to dedicate more time to my books, which means I can get content out to you much quicker. I love communicating with my readers and find the support I am so often given truly overwhelms me. Knowing that people believe in my work enough to pay for it is the most amazing feeling in the world and often leaves me speechless (A WRITER AT LOSS FOR WORDS—that can't be good). 😉

What does this mean for me, the reader?

Wattpadders around the world have suggested adding new features that would allow them to reward their favourite writers and that time is finally here! Supporting authors and their work is really important and can ultimately be the difference between them writing full time (DREAM JOB) or having to balance their creative life with working life too. A book is nothing without its readers and you, my lovelies, are an essential part of the growing Wattpad/ writing community.

Can I learn more about this program?

You'll find all the info you need at the link below:

Thank you. ❤

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