Part 6

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The wind brushed through my hair as I drove down the highway. It was easy, like on a bike...except I had no idea how to stop and I was scared of turning. I glanced behind me once again making sure no one was following me.
I couldn't believe it, I was escaping! Once again....I pressed down onto the brakes as the bike began to slow down, my eyes landed on a sign 'welcome to Mystics' I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, that can't be right...I don't recognise this town

I sighed and drove past the sign, confusion swirling through my mind. Mystic, I've never heard of that town, so where the hell am I?

Just before I reached the town I abandoned the bike near some bushes, I didn't want any attention, and a strange, dirty teenager on a bike would be dead suspicious. I noticed it was getting dark, the town was pretty empty Except for laughing and screaming coming from bars. I looked around my surroundings, none of this seemed familiar and it was making me panic even more

I didn't know what to do, do I go to the police? How am I supposed to clean myself up, I look like I've just emerged from a swamp! I froze as I heard talking, I quickly turned into an alleyway and hid behind the wall, I watched two women walk past laughing

I let out a breath of relief, I didn't move, I couldn't. How was I supposed to get out of this town?
I jumped in shock, my eyes scanned the dark until I found bright yellows staring back at me " oh shit " I quickly began running down the street, the sound of growling and nails scraping against the concrete could be heard behind me

I couldn't let them catch me! Not again. I felt something grab my ankle and suddenly, my face slammed against the floor. Then black.

I opened my eyes, I touched my forehead and winced feeling sharp pain. I'm sick of passing out recently....
I looked around the hotel room, I laid onto a bed, a small tv a few feet away and the sound of shower water running. What the hell? Why wouldn't they bring me back to my 'mate'

I tried standing up but the sharp pain in my head began banging, I quickly sat down and laid my head back. I noticed an ice pack on the bedside table and slowly picked it up, putting it against my head and closed my eyes
" well, look whose up " I turned my head, looking at a guy, only wrapped in a towel

I glared at him " who are you? " I watched him walk towards the end of the bed and pull a black duffel bag out and begin to rummage through it " don't worry, I'm not apart of the pack your running from " he explained, I looked at him confused " h-how-" how do I know? Your not the first girl I've seen running around like a frantic puppy " he snickered as he pulled out a couple of clothes

He threw me a shirt and joggers and I looked at him confused " you stink, go take a shower " I glared at him " I'm not going anywhere until you tell me who you are "
He sighed and pulled his hands through his blond wet hair " my names Micheal, and I'm a rouge " I stared at him, unsure of what he meant " a rouge, whose not a part of a pack " Micheal rolled his eyes " that's why I don't really care about turning you in "

" but why are you helping me then? "
" do you want to go take a shower or not?! " he suddenly snapped, I stood up slowly still feeling a little light headed from the headache
" alright alright "

As I felt the warm water running down my skin I smiled to myself, being cooped up in that cell was a nightmare and not showering was even worse. As I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and looked in the mirror, my hair had grown a little bit, my skin looked pale as the snow, and I noticed I had lost weight...jeez, I really didn't look well.
I quickly pulled on the clothes, which were a little oversized and walked outside " so Micheal what's the plan then? " I asked him, he turned his head to me confused " what do you mean?"

" well what do you do? Do you live in this town? " I asked him and he shook his head
" I arrived about three months ago, it's quite simple and quiet. I mean except for the pack that is, but I can hide my scent " he explained
" yeah well, I can't so what am I supposed to do? " I took a seat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath

" I just want to go home "


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