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Hey there, Brew Bookworms!

This is me,

This is me,

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I'm Elle. I'm 25, and I'm from a far away land called Australia.

(and I'm so lucky to have a brilliant photographer as a close friend)

Wanna know a bit about how this story came about?

Well, I moved to London when I was fresh out of university. I worked in low-paying jobs, while absolutely falling in love with the city. The culture, the people, the diversity, oh, and the coffee. And that's when I was inspired to write Brew Books.

I've been working hard for years on this novel, all while working a full time job and trying to fit in a social life.

And yeah, it hasn't been easy.

But I absolutely adore these characters and love spending time with them, and sharing my work with you.

Although I love it, I've never made any money from writing before. I've always done it for FREE. Which means I have to work full time at a boring office job, and can't write as much as I want. Bleh.

For you, it means you guys often have to wait ages for the next chapter. Trust me, I know it sucks.

As a reader I always want to support other creative writers, and I know most readers feel the same. We LOVE the stories that our favourite writers create. We love buying books and supporting authors, and being part of that community.

Up until now there hasn't really been a way for Wattpad readers to support the writers they LOVE, to help them write more, and support their creative pursuit.

Yes, it's amazing having access to free books, but it really sucks that those writers don't get paid for all the hard work they put into their stories :(

But now, Wattpad is exploring whether readers want to support their favourite writers. At the moment it's just a small program, called Wattpad Paid Stories.

Wattpaders have been requesting this kind of thing for YEARS, so I love that they're finally testing something out, and I'm super curious to see how it goes! I know I definitely want to support the authors of stories I adore.

I'm SO excited to reveal that Wattpad picked me out of literally MILLIONS of stories, to take part in this program. The team at Wattpad have recognised this little book of mine as something special, and they think you might love it too. I really hope you will!

Here's the important thing to note:

If you're like me, and you think it's so, so, important to support writers, then I know you will LOVE this program like I do. Let's show Wattpad that we love writers, value their work, and want to help out writers however we can!

Tell me in the comments...

Do you think writers deserve to be paid for the amazing work they put into their novels?

Do you think it's important that readers support the writers who create the amazing stories we read and love?

Do you think this program is a good idea for Wattpad?

I really want to hear your honest thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

elle xx

elle xx

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