New friend

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F/N: My name is F/N.What's your name?

Asia: My name is Asia, Asia Argento.

F/N: Nice to meet you, follow me, I'll take you to church.

Asia:Okay, thank you!

F/N: You do not come from Japan, right?

Asia: No, I was born far away.

We talked like that for a few minutes before we came to the playground.

???: cry*

F/N:Someone is crying.

We went to the square and noticed a boy who was lying on the ground and cried.He had a scratched knee.

Asia: Shhh..., boys shouldn't cry.

Then Asia raised her hands over the wounded knee of the boy and on her hands appeared two small rings and the hands began to shine green.Over time, the wound of the boy disappeared and he stood up, thanked Asia and ran to play on.

F/N:What was that?

Asia:This is my gift from God.

F/N: Gift from God?

Asia just smiled and we moved on.The church was already visible.I took her to the church front door.

F/N:Well, we are, it's the only church in this city.

Asia: Thank you for your help, maybe you will come in for a moment? I will prepare tea.

F/N: Well, if I leave a few lessons, nothing bad should happen.

Asia:Great, let's get inside.

I opened the massive door and noticed almost completely destroyed interior. The benches were broken and unevenly arranged, the big cross on the altar was half destroyed.

F/N: Wow, someone neglected his duties.

Asia:I'm so sorry for the mess, I will have to clean up here.

It looked very suspicious, church people probably would not neglect to this place. Asia took me to a small kitchen and began to prepare tea. Suddenly, I heard the door opening and I heard several different voices. And one of them was known to me.

Dohnaseek:Shit, where is she ?!

???: Calm down, I sent Mittelt to find her. She's definitely somewhere nearby.

???: She must have met the damned devils! I hope that she will leave something for me!

???: You, too, calm down Freed, we can not let them start chasing us. We must deal with the preparation for the ritual.

When the voices started to grow louder, I looked around quickly around the room and jumped into a small store room next to it.I also signaled Asia not to tell them anything about my presence.Three people entered the room.

???:Heh? So it's you...

A woman who looks just like the one with Issei approached Asia. I think she was called Yuuma.

Yuuma: Since you're here, we'll be able to...

At that moment, my phone rang, and I turned pale.So I am in a room without a way out and fallen will find me here. Great...I need to find a way out of here quickly...

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