No ships or fanfics

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Loxo: *gasps dramatically* No ships or fanfics!!!! For a day!?! NOOOOOOO!!!! I thought we were shipping buddies of Rose X Ma-

*growls lowly*

Loxo: *falls to the ground* How could you do this to me!!!

Lemondrop: *scanning through the comment* Actually. Loxo, if you manage to pass this dare then Apple will make your favorite ships come true.

Loxo: *springs back to his feet* REALLY?!?! YES! I will do it!!! For the ships!!!


Bishop: So are we gonna need to clone bloody or..?

Voodoo: Imagine the chaos of two Alpha Bloods.... let's not clone them. No offense, Alpha Bloods.

...None taken

Dusk: I would be so confused if that were to happen

Lemondrop: Well... Loxo, can you do it?

Loxo: *breathes in* I'LL DO IT FOR THE SHIPS!!

....Fck my life....

Voodoo: Okay. Let the dare.... Begin!!!

(10 hours into the dare)

Loxo: *rolling around in the ground* I MEED FANFICS AND SHIIIIPS!!!


Lemondrop: Poor Loxo. If you suffer now without your fanfics and ships then your ships will come true!

Voodoo: Yeah, suffer now so you can get a huge reward later.

You two are NOT suppose to help him...

Bishop: It's not helping... it's encouraging

You're not helping...

Dusk: Or are they?

Loxo: *sits up* I can do this!!! For the ships!!!


Silence: The fact that this is killing Bloody more than Loxo is hilarious

Because there's a good outcome for him! There's nothing good for me coming out of this dare!!!

Bishop: If he fails, then nothing good will come out of it...                                 

Dusk: Simply trick him into shipping

Bishop: *reading a fanfic* Ooh I ship it.                 

Silence: What are you even reading? 

Bishop: A ship that contains Bloody

....I hate you so much right now...

Loxo: *resisting the urge to ship*

(13 hours later)

Lemondrop: Only one hour left, Loxo! You're doing amazing!

Lemondrop for the love of Arceus, stop supporting him...

Loxo: *rolling around on the floor again* I could have made ten more ships!!!! I can't take it!!!

Voodoo: I'd support Loxo but I don't wanna get on the alpha's side so.... I'm gonna be over here.

Dusk: *casually reading Loxo's shipping book out loud*

Loxo: *covers his ears* Lalalalala, I can't heaaaarrrr you!!!!!!!

Silence: *Placing fanfics in random spots in the room*

Loxo: *covers his eyes* NOOOOOOO!!!!

Voodoo: three are just trying to have him lose it...

Lemondrop: *keeping an eye on the timer* Don't worry Loxo. You have 60 seconds left!!

Stop supporting him!!! For fck sake!!!

Loxo: For the ships!!! I can do this!!!



Voodoo: I honestly thought he wouldn't be able to win. But he only has 15 seconds left...

For fck sake.... someone murder me...

Lemondrop: 13 seconds now

Silence: Hey, they are hosting an event for a fanfic reading competition. winner gets a fanfic written of their choice

Loxo: *grabs Silence's shoulders and shakes him* STOP TRYING TO MANIPULATE ME!!!!

....Holy fck....

Lemondrop: Um... Loxo, please let him go. You only have 5...4...


Bishop: *throws a fanfic at Loxo*

Loxo: Ow!!! Watch it!!! *looks at the fanfic and fights the urge to read it*

Lemondrop: 2......and 1! Your dare is o-

Loxo: *picks up all fanfics and starts reading them* I have succeeded!!!! Now I can read all these fanfics!!!! Yay!!!!

.....Excuse me while I go bury my grave.... *leaves*

Voodoo: Wow...he actually did it. I had my doubts honestly.

Dusk: R.I.P Bloody

Bishop: I will go prepare Bloody's funeral

Voodoo: Who's doing the outro?

Lemondrop: I'm more curious on who's gonna tell Stardust the mess that was made while making this dare happen....

Loxo: *looks up from reading his fanfic* I will!!!! If you have anymore asks or dares make sure to comment and tell us!! Bye-bye buggies!!! *goes back to reading a fanfic*

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