Chapter Twenty-One: Everyone could see their chemistry, but why couldn't they?

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Chapter Twenty-One: Everyone could see their chemistry, but why couldn't they?

Monday Afternoon.

THE game was underway, and the Hawks were up by nine points with three minutes to go till halftime.

Lydia was grinning in the stands, cheering loudly with rest of the stand as a touchdown scored by the team in green.

As the whistle blew for half time George ran over to the bleachers, past the confused crowd until he became face to face with the girl he's been dreaming about.

"George what are you-," Lydia began but was cut off by George. "Do you want to go on a date with me?" He was smiling at her, the smile that left her breathless.

Nodding, Lydia returned the smile, "I'd love to," and she wasn't lying, he could see that she wasn't. He never did pin her for a liar anyways.

"Scott, on the field now!" Coach Lee yelled from the bottom of the bleachers. Winking at Lydia over his shoulder as he made his way down the steps to coach Lee who was shaking his head at the boy.

George listened to the pep talk given by Tanner, the teams captain. It was originally supposed to be George but he declined it his head wasn't in the game back then.

He was more focused on his family, they were his main priority and with the divorce being filed he didn't want Angie feeling alone.

"Ready Scott?" Tanner asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Ready," George repeated as the whistle blew again, signalling that the second half was about to commence.


A date? They are going on a date people!
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