Chapter Twenty: A smile can hold one thousand words.

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Chapter Twenty: A smile can hold one thousand words.

Monday Afternoon

AARON was panicking which was making everyone else in the Jackson household panic also. The final was in less than an hour and the team had to be there forty-five minutes before the match, coaches orders.

So, when the Jackson's family car keys were missing, everyone began to panic.

Angie laughed, a boisterous laugh as the cartoon came to an end. It was a silly cartoon really, yet George didn't understand what was happening.

His parents were out once again for business but promised they'd be at his final. Angie smiled at him, handing him his phone with one new notification, a message from Lydia.

I need a favour...

George parked outside the Jacksons' house, Angie strapped in her booster seat in the back of his jeep.

"Thanks, man" Aaron greeted him, bumping his fist as he climbed in beside Angie. Lydia rushed out of the house, saying goodbye to her mother as she closed the door.

She smiled at George and high fives Angie as she buckled herself into the passenger seat beside the blonde haired boy. Her brother was looking at the exchanges in awe, the puzzle pieces were coming to together now.

And it was forming one hell of a beautiful picture.


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