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Loxo: Oooohhhhh, a question about a ship!!!!

...Least it ain't about a ship that mentions me.

Bishop: So do ya ship it still??

Loxo: Hmmmm *goes through a book*

What book is that?

Lemondrop: He has a book of his ships... ranked top to bottom. In other words, his favorite ship to the one he focus less about.

Voodoo: ....I'm kinda curious to see what the top ship is, but yet again... we all know what it is.

Dusk: That must be a big book

Loxo: Here it is!!! I do ship it! It's not at the top, but it's in my book of what I ship!!!

.... Gimme that book! *snatches Loxo's book*

Loxo: Nooooooo!!!! My book of ships!!!

Silence: Wow..

Bishop: *whispers to Voodoo* How much ya wanna bet that Bloody is part of Loxo's favorite ship?

Voodoo: How much you wanna bet it's his top ship?

*opens the book* Just what is y-

Voodoo: Shoot, no! *jumps on Bloody* I can't let you find out!

Book: *slides away from everyone*

Oish! My back is already fcked up, do you really have to make it worse!!

Dusk: *teleports to the book* .... *picks up book and proceeds to open it* Aaaand Loxo's top ship is.... 

Loxo: Noooo!!! *appears right behind Dusk and snatches the book away* I don't wanna die yet!!!

Lemondrop: *sighs* The things that happen when Stardust is nowhere to be seen....

Dusk: *looks around* where is Stardust anyways?

She's busy with life. That's where she is.... Could you get off me now? I'm not a nest

Voodoo: Sorry Alpha Bloods *gets off Bloody*


Loxo: *dusting off the dirt of the cover  of his book of ships*

Lemondrop: Maybe we should publish this now.... before something crazy happens again...

Bishop: Yep, well in that case, Please leave asks and dares to brighten up our dull lives... with that  Toodaloo until next time!

Voodoo: The dare Apple has made will be shown as soon as this one is publish. Cya later you raptors!

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