•Drunken Love | McDuke•

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The first party Heather Duke and Heather McNamara had gone to without Heather Chandler or Veronica Sawyer. Chandler was too sick after an drain cleaner poisoning incident, currently in the hospital, and neither of them knows what happened to Veronica, but she hadn't left her house for the past few days.

Duke sighed, watching Mac already becoming tipsy as the darker haired female sipped her beverage, waving off Ram Sweeney, "Way to show maturity." she spat angrily,and then tried to get Kurt Kelly off of herself, "Quit it jackass, get off of me!" She roared, wrenching herself away from them, as a yellow blur dragged them away toward the pool outside, and then a loud splash.

Duke chuckled, as the yellow blur was no other then Mac. She was overprotective of the green girl when she was drunk, though Duke could never figure out why. She shrugged, as Mac wrapped her arms around Duke's shoulders, making the smaller, more sober Heather blush deep crimson.

"God Heather, you're so drunk, sit down." Duke barked to hide her still red face, almost the same colour as Heather Chandler's blazer. Mac did as told, but not in the way Duke would've liked. By that, Mac picked Duke up, walking, well, stumbling, out of the fornt door and sitting on the grass, pulling the green Heather into her lap.

Duke huffed, "This wasn't what I meant, Mac!" She stated, but made no actions to get off of the girl, who was now resting her chin on Duke's right shoulder, humming out of tune, and mumbling, "Duuuukkkieee.." Mac slurred, as Duke almost jumped out of her lap, "God, what?" She retorted, hiding her embarrassment.

"Do you think Cha-" Hic. "Chan's okaay?" She asked, a hint of concern hiding in the drunken slurs. "I'm sure she is, it would hurt her too much to be here in her state." The green girl talked, as Mac nodded, burying her head in the crook of Duke's neck.

'Why am I talking to her normally? She not even sober, it's not like she'll remember.' Duke thought, but was cut off by by a pair of lips against her own. Her eyes widened, as it was Ram Sweeney, and she couldn't fight him off as the drunken jock reached for Duke's skirt, but then Mac wriggled out from under Duke and socked the boy in the face with a very pissed off expression, "Don't you ever touch her." Mac threatened, as Ram and Kurt grinned with lust in their eyes, as Duke slowly got up.

"Come on, noo-" hic. "-ne will knooow!" Ram drawled, as Kurt nodded, but Mac shoved them both back, annoyed, "But sober Mac will-" hic. "-remember, and she will ki-" hic. "-ll you!" The intoxicated cheerleader threatened, as the two boys were quick, and smart, in Duke's opinion to scamper off.

Mac offered her a clumsy hand as she had a goofy grin, making the green girl's knees weak, 'Why do I feel like this?' Duke thought, but took it anyways, as Mac led her to the green jeep that Duke had gotten from her parents back when they still cared. Mac, of course opened the driver's seat, "Heather, you can't drive, you're drunk." Duke sighed, opening the back door, having to bribe Heather into the back seat with a lollipop, which worked, as Duke smiled at her, shutting the door and sitting in the drivers seat, shutting her own door.

"Put your seatbelt on."


"Heather, I swear to God you will end up through the window if you don't." Duke stated, though there wasn't too high of a chance of it happening, but Mac was more gullible when drunk so she almost instantly went to put it on, and sucked on the lollipop for comfort. Duke almost wished it was her. The green Heather sighed, doing her own seatbelt and driving away from the party, back to Mac's hou-...Mansion. Mac's Mother Fucking Mansion. Duke was envious, but Mac let her sleepover whenever she wanted, so that was nice.

They both got out once Duke parked. Well, Duke got out, and had to drag Mac out because the taller blonde had decided that the jeep was the lifeboat that she used to describe her issues.

About twenty minutes later, and Duke had gotten Mac onto her yellow bed in her golden room, of course. Duke was about to leave, "No, Heather, wait!" Mac slurred, almost falling off of the bed, as the green Heather gave a heavy, defeated sigh and sat next to her, "What?" She asked.

The next thing Heather Duke knew was that Mac, her super secret crush, was kissing her. She couldn't help but give into the temptation and melted back into the kiss, "So are we a-" hic. "- thing, now?" Mac smiled, after breaking apart the kiss, as Duke had such a stupid grin.

"Definitely, Heather."

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